Civitas Conversations – 2010 New NC Legislators

The results of the 2010 North Carolina election brings in a wave of new state legislators for the 2011 term. Because of the tremendous amount of change in the upcoming legislative session, it is especially important for North Carolinians to acquaint themselves with their new representatives, learning where their legislators stand on significant issues and how they intend to approach their new office and responsibilities.

Civitas has compiled profiles for all of the new legislators. Each profile includes the legislator’s name, district, counties represented, political affiliation, occupation, and previous offices held. You can also click the name of any county they represent for a detailed profile of that county. As the 2011 legislative session approaches, Civitas will routinely update this article with exclusive interviews with new legislators. We hope these profiles and interviews will provide constituents with a vital tool to connect with their state representatives and learn about the issues their representatives support.

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