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  • From Red Hat to Red Chinese: Looking for Friends in All the Wrong Places

    Making “Crony Capitalism” Work Governor Bev Perdue started 2010 by donning a red hat and announcing almost $20 million in taxpayer money being given in the form of “incentives” to software maker Red Hat.[i] By early April she was no longer wearing a red hat, but getting help from the “Red Chinese” in her effort […]

  • Francis De Luca on Viewpoints radio

  • Cathy Heath: Advocate Against Forced Annexation

    Working the equivalent of a full-time job for the past eight years, Cathy Heath jumped on board with StopNCAnnexation in 2003 when she felt the arm of local government made its way too close to her house in Cary. The town of Cary, the year before, had been in a contentious battle with local residents […]

  • NAACP Attacks Civitas

    Recently the Civitas Institute conducted a School Board Training session for school board members from across the state. The Winston-Salem Forsyth County School Board co-sponsored the training.  The NAACP led by Rev. William Barber protested at the training session in front of a number of TV news crews. The protesters hurled a number of false […]

  • High Speed Rail Funds Race Ahead

    House Bill 422, No High-Speed Rail Money from Federal Government, has been under attack by major media outlets, special interest groups, and big-spending politicians in Raleigh. True to its name, the bill would prevent North Carolina’s Department of Transportation from spending federal grant money it receives designated for high-speed rail projects without approval of the […]

  • Civitas Legislative Minute – 4-22-11

  • Bad Bill of the Week: SB 632 – Million Dollar Umbrella Alternative

    If you have ever been to the General Assembly you have probably noticed security is not as stringent as at other state buildings.  The Sergeant at Arms staff is there to keep the peace at crowded committee meetings and hearings, and you might see a police officer every once in a while.  However, there are […]

  • Civitas Poll: Tea Party Movement Finds Support among NC Voters

    Raleigh, N.C. – As politicians and the media debate the impact and possible longevity of the Tea Party, a new SurveyUSA poll released today by the Civitas Institute shows the Tea Party has the backing of 43 percent of North Carolina voters. According to the poll of 500 registered North Carolina voters, 43 percent said […]

  • Government Invites Itself In: Parental Rights at Risk

    In North Carolina, like every other state, the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution gives parents the implicit right to care and nurture their children. Parents, not the government, are presumed to have the child’s best interest in mind when making choices about who may see their children and when, including custody and visitation decisions. […]

  • Civitas Poll: Voters Say Sign the Bill

    Raleigh, N.C. – Sign the Unemployment/No Government Shutdown bill is the message from voters to Democrat Governor Bev Perdue according to a new SurveyUSA poll released today by the Civitas Institute. According to the poll of 500 registered voters in that district, 53 percent said Perdue should sign the bill while 31 percent said she […]

  • House Budget Trims Smart Start Admin.

    Yesterday afternoon, special provisions attached to the NC House biennium budget proposal were disclosed to the public, revealing a positive, yet incomplete, reorganization of the Smart Start administrative structure. This administrative reform – in tandem with a $37 million budget reduction – includes increasing a private funds matching requirement, removing the availability of certain funds […]

  • Civitas Legislative Minute – 04-15-11

  • Bad Bill of the Week: HB 840: Ensuring the Education Bureaucracy Stays Healthy

    There has been a big push at the national level to promote better nutrition and increase exercise for children.  There is nothing wrong with telling kids to eat better and play outside, but North Carolina’s latest legislative attempt to jump on the bandwagon misses the mark entirely. House Bill 840: Healthier and Greener Schools Act–sponsored […]

  • Civitas Capitol Connection March 2011

    In this issue, Perdue vetoes the budget, and Civitas gets a Cease & Desist notice from CCSA.

  • House Budget Proposal: Education

    Earlier this week Republican lawmakers released their $10.6 billion budget proposal for public education for the coming fiscal year. Budget discussions have been framed by how lawmakers would address the state’s estimated $2.4 billion budget deficit. In the end, lawmakers sought to roughly balance the reductions across all three components of public education. The overall budget […]

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