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Common Core: What Can We Do?

Last fall, North Carolina public schools began implementing Common Core Standards in schools across the state. As parents and teachers become more familiar with the standards, expect Common Core to be a hot topic discussion.   Parents, educators and citizens who wish to learn more about Common Core have access to a variety of resources. Some of the best web sites include:

Truth in American Education

Stop Common Core / Reclaiming Local Control in Education

Common Core: Education without Representation

Common Core Facts

Sign our petition against Common Core

WHEREAS Common Core Standards are not based on research or proven methods to boost student achievement, have been adopted with little or no input from the general public, violate prohibitions on a national curriculum, and result in a massive transfer of power over education from parents and states to the federal government,

We ask the Governor, State Board of Education, State Legislature and State Superintendent of Public Instruction to immediately take whatever steps necessary to rescind the adoption and implementation of Common Core Standards in North Carolina.

Watch for the launch of our new Stop Common Core website.

This article was posted by Bob Luebke on April 9, 2013 at 4:41 PM.

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