• Certificate of Need Protects Providers, not People

    In these times, lawmakers are all about attracting business to the state and increasing the number of North Carolinians at work. Great pomp and circumstance is placed on a single business moving to the state if it means jobs. The governor’s own website tracks new business opening in the state and how many jobs they […]

  • Tourists Tamed by Precarious Pumps

    Last spring, several of my friends and I drove to Florida for vacation. I had no idea the drive would turn out to be a highly calculated pilgrimage from gas station to gas station, plotting every stop with the precision of a paranoid mapmaker. Oh how naïve I was. Imagine my shock when it was […]

  • Immigration Reform Long Time in Coming, Long Ways to Go

      While not on the Republican’s “100 Days” 10-point legislative agenda when they swept the General Assembly in November, immigration reform still proved to be a major issue in both the House and Senate. In between heated legislative battles over subjects ranging from taxes to tanning beds, several bills were put forth in an effort […]

  • Gas Relief a Legitimate Possibility

    OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) talks disintegrated last Wednesday, causing the price of oil to yet again rise over $100 a barrel, giving little hope of relief at the pump in the near future. While the price of oil rising is hardly recent news, the breakdown in efforts to reduce gas prices provides […]

  • Fees for Free Enterprise

    Government can do something for the people only in proportion as it can do something to the people. -Thomas Jefferson At this point budget cuts come as no surprise to government-funded programs, and as such they are already looking for ways to circumvent their budget shortfalls.  A time-honored and quickly adopted solution is to increase […]

  • Bad Bill of the Week: HB135 – “Eccentric Energy Efficiency Enforcement”

    Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. “Green” products are hip, and saving the environment is supposedly as easy as turning your lights off at night. There is nothing wrong with individuals engaging in voluntary actions they perceive will help reduce our ecological footprint. Moreover, such actions can also lower utility bills, helping us […]

  • Bad Bill of the Week: HB 879: People are not ATM Machines

    The ATM is a wonderful device. It allows someone short on cash to quickly and efficiently replenish their wallet, allowing them to spend more money as they see fit. Yet it is not magic; what you spend is your own, and it will come to an end sooner or later. Yet some House members seem […]

  • More at Four Consolidation: Administrative Restructuring Helps Kids

    The N.C. House recently released its FY 2011-2013 budget, being forced to cut from a swath of programs in order to get the state’s deficit of over $2 billion under control. One organization impacted is the early childcare subsidy program More at Four: losing $32 million in funding. The program is currently administered under the […]

  • Bad Bill of the Week: HB 758: Commissions Not Gone for Long

    In light of a budget deficit of more than $2 billion, both the General Assembly and Governor Perdue recognized a need to reduce and reorganize state government. One action supported by both sides is the reduction and consolidation of many of the state’s boards, committees and commissions, a step championed by Perdue as a means […]

  • HB 681: Mascots under the Microscope

    Major things are happening in North Carolina government. Budgets are being written, districts are being redrawn, and if several legislators get their way, mascots will soon be under review for political correctness. Wait, what? Under HB 681 An Act to Study the Use of American Indian Mascots at Public Schools sponsored by Charles Gram (D-Robeson), […]

  • Smart Start’s Massive Political Machine

    With the initial cuts in state budgets on the horizon across the country, 2011 has been a landmark year for political machines everywhere to flex their muscles.  By now we are all familiar with the state employees’ unions staging mass protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, and elsewhere, all in an extremely well organized attempt to keep […]

  • House Cleans House

    Republican House leadership acted swiftly on the first day of session to both consolidate their newfound power and allay Democratic concerns of being relegated to minority party obscurity, as was the case for Republicans in previous sessions. The vast majority of changes involved streamlining the means by which bills are passed, as well as reducing […]

  • Capitol Connection October 2010

    Click above to read the October 2010 issue of the Civitas Capitol Connection.