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Author: Andrew Henson


N.C. Bill Calls for Budget Balancing Constitutional Convention

With the federal government’s arrival at its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling just around the corner, a recently filed N.C. Senate Bill serves as a timely petition and reproach to the federal government with one simple message: balance your budget. N.C. Senate Bill 610 urges the Congress to adopt a Constitutional…


House Budget Brings Changes to Early Childcare

Early childcare programs are a central theme in this year’s House budget for the coming biennium – as legislators are charged with the tough tasks of making decisions on funding intended for at-risk children throughout the state. House leadership went to lengths to ensure that changes made were to the…


Smart Start House Budget Analysis

Several weeks ago, the N.C. House rolled out their preliminary options for balancing the biennium budget. Included in their options were sweeping structural and monetary changes for a significant number of state programs, including some common-sense reforms for Smart Start, North Carolina’s non-profit childcare vehicle. The original proposal for Smart…


House Budget Trims Smart Start Admin.

Yesterday afternoon, special provisions attached to the NC House biennium budget proposal were disclosed to the public, revealing a positive, yet incomplete, reorganization of the Smart Start administrative structure. This administrative reform – in tandem with a $37 million budget reduction – includes increasing a private funds matching requirement, removing…


House Budget Hits Health & Human Services

Early this week, the N.C. House rolled out the preliminary stages of its much anticipated biennium budget proposal for the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), which was recently presented before the House appropriations committee. Not surprisingly, this proposal featured deep cuts to a plethora of government programs in…


A Consolidated Effort: Restructuring N.C. Early Childcare Programs

The Legislature has been engaged in a tenuous balancing act of early childcare programs this year. Attempting to find room for budget savings to face down a $2.4 billion budget shortfall, lawmakers are trying to also mitigate the impact on recipients of proven programs.


New Regulations Burden Childcare Providers

“Tell me about rules that defy common sense—rules that hinder job creation—slow progress… I can promise, North Carolina will listen to you.” – Governor Bev Perdue While Gov. Bev Perdue announced recently that there would be no new rules allowed to encumber businesses, a universally applauded measure to help expedite…


Smart Start Overhead Takes From Kids

This story is part of an ongoing series evaluating  Smart Start and related early childcare programs in an attempt to improve their efficiency and priorities. Related articles and presentations can be found here and here. Smart Start and the Division of Child Development (DCD) both administer state childcare subsidy funds…


Smart Start Presentation

Download a copy of the presentation from Andrew Henson given to the NC legislature.


CCSA Continues to Dodge the Facts

This article is a response to CCSA’s rebuttal of an expose of mismanagement of a Smart Start childcare program. The original expose can be found here. CCSA’s response can be found here. Child Care Services Association’s (CCSA) response to the News & Observer amounts to nothing short of an utter…

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