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Civitas Statement to Common Core Study Committee

Below is a transcript of the comments made by Civitas Senior Policy Analyst Bob Luebke to the LRC Common Core Study Committee on March 20, 2014. Good morning to members of the General Assembly and guests.  My name is Bob Luebke. I am a Senior Policy Analyst with Civitas Institute…


Making Sense of Teacher Pay

Do other professions require their “best” employees to give up an accomplishment to get a raise?  Do other professions use raises to lure employees into giving up due process?  Those are two questions Wake County public school teacher Dyane Barnett asked in a recent op-ed in the (Raleigh) News &…


N&O Editorial on Common Core: Misinformed and Misguided

In an editorial earlier this week, News & Observer editors admonished those who seek to slow down the implementation of Common Core Standards and want the state to back out from national testing requirements. The editor’s arguments are weak and selective in their consideration of relevant facts. First, the editors…

26 More Charter Schools: Let’s Celebrate!

26 More Charter Schools: Let’s Celebrate!

Last week the State Board of Education gave final approval to 26 new charter schools in North Carolina. The new schools are scheduled to open this fall. The addition of more than two dozen new charter schools is the largest increase in the number of new charter schools since the…

NC lawmakers finally taking a look at Common Core questions

NC lawmakers finally taking a look at Common Core questions

This article originally published in the News & Observer After a spring and summer of growing public discontent over the Common Core State Standards and their effect, the General Assembly decided it was finally time to study the issue. In late summer, legislative leaders named a 16-member Legislative Research Commission…


Common Core English Language Arts Standards: More Problems than Promise

Such a conclusion reflects on the poor quality of standards nationally. Despite the improvement, however, scholars say ELA standards have significant shortcomings.


Common Core State Standards: Why Parents and Citizens Should Be Concerned

Common Core State Standards Are Based on Shaky Assumptions, Assumes -- without proof-- that Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are the best standards.


Test Results Raise Lots Of Questions – As They Should

Don't panic. That's the message most of us have been hearing all day from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Today DPI released state test scores for the READY Accountability model.


Quiz on Education Reform

The Civitas institute has posted a two-part series examining the facts behind education reform efforts in the 2013 legislative session. Take this week’s quiz to test your knowledge about this important topic.


The Outlines of Education Reform: Part II

Changes Aim to Improve Teaching, Add Choices In part I of this two-part series on the shape and direction of education reform in North Carolina, we looked behind the education budget numbers. Now in Part II we discuss this year’s legislative steps to address concerns about student achievement, teacher salaries and…

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