Author: Bob Luebke


Test Results Raise Lots Of Questions – As They Should

Don't panic. That's the message most of us have been hearing all day from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Today DPI released state test scores for the READY Accountability model.


Quiz on Education Reform

The Civitas institute has posted a two-part series examining the facts behind education reform efforts in the 2013 legislative session. Take this week’s quiz to test your knowledge about this important topic.


The Outlines of Education Reform: Part II

Changes Aim to Improve Teaching, Add Choices In part I of this two-part series on the shape and direction of education reform in North Carolina, we looked behind the education budget numbers. Now in Part II we discuss this year’s legislative steps to address concerns about student achievement, teacher salaries and…


A Sober Look at Education Reform in NC

This two-part series will answer some of the current claims. Part I will address claims regarding spending cuts and include additional information frequently ignored in the budget debates. Part II will address concerns about student achievement, teacher pay and school vouchers.


Common Core Quiz

Now that schools are back in session across North Carolina, there is renewed interest in what students are learning and how they are learning it, especially Common Core. But how much do you know about Common Core?


Survey Shows NC Teachers Favor Slowing Down Common Core Implementation

A new survey suggests that North Carolina teachers are leery of the implementation of Common Core standards, with nearly two-thirds favoring slowing down or halting the process. Lately we’ve been hearing much about people’s opinions on Common Core standards being implemented in the public schools. A recent national poll suggested…


Common Core Demystified, Part II

We explore DPI's claim that Common Core does not require specific data collection efforts and that the implementation of Common Core standards is "no different in cost than implementing North Carolina's ongoing revisions to its longstanding standard course of study."


WSSU and Bowman Gray Stadium: A Bad Deal

Last November, Chancellor Donald Reaves of Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) joined Nathan Hatch, the President of Wake Forest University, and Susan Pauly, president of Salem Academy and College, at a forum in Winston-Salem to talk about something Reaves has frequently talked about the last few years: the rising cost of…


DPI Defense of Common Core Is Mystifying – Part I

On June 13 the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released Common Core Demystified. The document was intended to quell what DPI regarded as confusion and stem the growing public opposition to Common Core Standards (CCS). Long story short: It hasn’t. Common Core Demystified contains numerous inaccuracies and repeats false…


The True Conservative Response on Common Core

In a misnamed article, “Common Core is a conservative victory,” Republican education reformers Chester Finn and Michael Petrilli used a recent News &Observer op-ed to try and persuade North Carolina conservatives to support the new national Common Core education standards. I respect Finn and Petrilli and frequently agree with them.…

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