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Civitas Quiz: Bills in 2013 Session

The 2013 session of the North Carolina General Assembly will be coming to a close soon. How much do you know about the amount of legislative activity this year, as well as general knowledge of the structure of the General Assembly? Take the quiz now to find out!


FY 2013-14 House Budget Plan: Spending Similar to Senate, Differs on Tax Reform and School Choice

The North Carolina House unveiled its two year spending plan on Sunday night. Total spending for FY 2013-14 would come to $20.6 billion – virtually identical to the Senate’s budget proposal and Gov. McCrory’s budget released in March.


Civitas Quiz: North Carolina’s Sales Tax on Food

One of the oft-cited criticisms of the NC Senate’s tax reform plan is that it would extend the state sales tax to groceries. Observers may be interested, however, in testing their knowledge about North Carolina’s history with taxing food purchases.


Polling Quiz

The Civitas Institute conducts the only monthly, live-caller statewide opinion poll in North Carolina. Our polling is intended to gauge public sentiment on elected officials and important state policies. Take this week’s quiz and test your knowledge of some recent poll results.”


SB 150: Paging Karl Marx

One of the ten planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is “Centralization of credit in the hands of the State.”  Apparently of like mind is North Carolina state Senator Ellie Kinnaird (D-Orange), primary sponsor of Senate Bill 150, Study State-Owned Banks. Basically, the “state-owned bank” would take taxpayer dollars, then…


FY 2013-14 Senate Budget Proposal: Large Tax Cut, Spending Nearly Identical to McCrory’s Plan

Last night, the North Carolina state Senate unveiled its two year state budget proposal. Total spending included for FY 2013-14 comes to $20.58 billion, which would be roughly $400 million higher than the current year’s budget, good for a 2.3 percent increase. The Senate’s plan is about $17 million less…


Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) Quiz

Last week a House committee approved TABOR legislation that would place limits on the annual growth rate of the state budget. Much has been said in favor and opposition of such legislation. Take the quiz below to test your TABOR knowledge.


HB 797, Business Facilities Development: Making a Bad Idea Worse

Government doling out taxpayer dollars to politically-connected businesses is bad enough, but this week’s Bad Bill of the Week takes that concept to even lower depths. HB 797, Business Facilities Development, sponsored by Reps. Charles Jeter (R-Mecklenburg), Paul “Skip” Stam (R-Wake), and Tom Murry (R-Wake), would extend government-subsidized loans to…


Civitas Poll Finds Backing for Tax Reform

May 8, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Brian Balfour (919) 834-2099 RALEIGH – A new poll by the Civitas Institute reveals strong support for tax reform like the new Senate plan for revamping North Carolina’s tax code. “There is strong support for tax reform that lowers and flattens the…


NC Budget Writers Should Beware of the Power of Compounding Expenditures

For savers, compounding interest can be a great thing. It helps to accelerate the rate of increase of your money in the bank. For state budgets, however, the concept of compounding budgetary increases can rapidly create out-of-control spending obligations. For state budget writers tempted to think it safe to increase…

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