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Author: Carrie Leggins


Raleigh Ventures Show How Businesses Work

Andrew Leager, the owner of Boylan Bridge Brewpub and the Special Projects woodworking shop, both in Raleigh, is just one of many business owners in North Carolina facing regulation from all levels of government. He recently discussed both of his business endeavors and how government is involved. Leager started his…


A Progressive Paradox

College Students are often thought of as two things: eager and broke – and a far-left extremist campaigning organization bases its whole process on this notion.  Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. (GCI), a third-party progressive organization, is hired by the likes of MoveOn, Greenpeace and other leftist groups to do their bidding. …


HB 1136: Pro-Choicers Want Uninformed Choice

Once again, pro-choice advocates are making themselves look pro-abortion. And they are using HB 1136, The Woman’s Right to Choose Act, to do so. Sponsored by Reps. Alma Adams (D-Guilford), Verla Insko (D-Orange), Beverly M. Earle (D-Mecklenburg), and Deborah K. Ross (D-Wake), this legislation would repeal the Woman’s Right to…