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North Carolina Medicaid Reform: A Primary Care Provider Analysis

I am a primary care physician with over 20 years experience delivering care in the Army and to North Carolina’s Medicaid population, and currently run a pediatric clinic in Burlington. Governor McCrory’s administration has recently announced their plans to “reform” the state’s Medicaid program, with the primary change being a…


Possible Judicial Bias in North Carolina Voter ID Case

Remarks made by an associate justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court at a Democratic Party fund-raising dinner, as well as her membership in a private organization, raise serious questions about her possible bias against the state’s new voter ID law. Under applicable judicial ethics rules, she should remove herself…


Civitas April 2014 Poll Luncheon

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Web & IT Intern – Paid Internship Available at the Civitas Institute

Web & IT Intern – Paid Internship Available at the Civitas Institute

The Civitas Institute, located in downtown Raleigh, is looking for a college student or recent graduate to be part of its team. As an intern, you will be critical in the day-to-day operations of the organization. You will learn many skills and be vital in different aspects of IT & web…


Special Town Hall Event with Gov. Mike Huckabee

Gov. Huckabee will be joining us in Charlotte on January 29, 2015 for a special Town Hall event. VIP tickets for this event are almost gone, so get yours today! We have three tickets available below. General Admission tickets are $20, and include a copy of God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. VIP…


Francis De Luca Discusses Moral Mondays [David Webb Show]

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Top 5 in 2014

1. Re-structure teacher pay based on outcomes, not inputs 2.  Seriously and quickly evaluate the Common Core Standards with an eye towards eliminating them. 3.  Enact real Medicaid reform, not the half-measures being discussed in Raleigh. Florida has successfully reformed their program, we should strive to copy that success to…

To create jobs, promote access to opportunity via human networks

To create jobs, promote access to opportunity via human networks

By U.S. Sen. Mike Lee Like most Americans, I support the ability of individuals to collect unemployment insurance for a limited amount of time. But in order to start solving the problem of long-term unemployment, this debate has to begin addressing the president’s broken policies that are making it more…




Barber Attacks Religious Right — But Who Is Really ‘Just Running Their Mouths’?

By Dr. Mark Creech Last month, in a sermon the media described as “fire and thunder,” [1] the Rev. William Barber, head of the NC NAACP, mounted the pulpit of Zion Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and began to excoriate all things political — to the right. Barber singled…

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