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Voter ID Is Law!

After years of work, Voter ID is now the law of the land! Your emails, petitions, and activism have helped ensure the integrity of North Carolina elections and strike a crushing blow to in-person voter fraud. The Left is already pushing back against the new law: The ACLU filed a…


Elections Reform Quiz

Election reform has emerged as one of the most contentious issues of the 2013 session, receiving national attention. But how much do the protesters – or you – know about the election reform law? Take the quiz to test your knowledge.


Thank Governor McCrory for Signing the Voter ID / Election Reform Bill!

Please take a moment to thank Governor McCrory for signing Voter ID into law. Let him know that you are part of the overwhelming majority (more than 70 percent) of North Carolina's voters who support his efforts to secure our state's elections.


America’s Way Back with Author Donald J. Devine

In America’s Way Back, Devine not only reveals where things went wrong, and why, but also points the way to reclaiming America’s freedom, prosperity, and creativity. The solution lies in a new “fusion” of traditional and libertarian thought. In making the case for twenty-first-century fusionism, America’s Way Back updates the insights of…


North Carolina Education Quiz

Public Education was one of the most hotly debated issues of the 2013 Legislative Session, as several significant reforms were implemented. To test your knowledge of these reforms and actions, take the following quiz.


2013 legislative session recap


North Carolina’s 2013 Legislative Session Recap: Landmark Gains For Conservatism

As the dust settles on the landmark 2013 North Carolina legislative session, conservatives can look upon the accomplishments of the state legislature and find much to celebrate.


May 2013 Energy Poll

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