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Author: Max Borders


Culture of Goodie Chasing is Bad for Business

Governor Easley believes his recent wooing of a Kansas-based aerospace company to the cobweb-covered Global TransPark will "silence" critics who have called the $80 million project a boondoggle for over a decade. Now that we've slept on the news, allow me to break the silence.


Understanding Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is complicated. But everyone knows something needs to be done. We've taken the time to treat the issue in a two-part video, which includes a breakdown of the problems, as well as market-friendly solutions. (More)


When Consumers Are Driving Healthcare

The next time you hear someone say the market is failing health care, ask him how much his last blood test cost. His failure to tell you won't be a memory lapse, but a symptom of our system. That is, the market never failed health care, the system did. The…


Triad to be Soaked for Triangle Rail

Look out! You're about to be hit by a train. You'll probably rarely, if ever, ride Charlotte's LYNX system or the Triangle's proposed light rail, but you'll pay for them. Town planners, politicians, citizen activists and other special interests are gearing up to soak you for their urban transit. Much…


Can N.C. help the poor without making them dependent?

Supporters of poverty fighter John Edwards are still coping with his exit from the presidential race. We can speculate endlessly about his loss – about Obama’s star quality, or Clinton’s experience-by-proxy. But one fact stands out: voters were not swayed by Edwards’ anti-poverty populism. Why? Maybe people know intuitively that…


N.C. Partisan Index (NCPI)

Introducing: the North Carolina Partisan Index (NCPI) compares the political leanings of voters in each state house and senate district with the partisan voting tendencies of the state as a whole. The end result is a letter (D or R) followed by a number, indicating the extent to which each…


2008: Year of the HSA Tsunami?

When it comes to healthcare reform, health savings accounts (HSAs) are not a silver bullet. But they certainly help where politicians hinder. The trouble is most people don’t yet know what they are. When they learn, we may see an HSA tsunami.


State Has Made a Religion out of Recycling

Cue music. Julia stared blankly from her jail cell. She thought about the bottle that landed her there… not what was in the bottle, the bottle itself. Julia didn’t get a DUI. She failed to recycle. Now she’s paying in hard time. Thanks to a new statewide law, these are…


Green Energy: Bootleggers, Baptists & Politicians

Got on your green-tinted lenses? Over the coming months, you’re going to need them. More stories about various new facilities being constructed around the state make for good ink. You may have already read about the Fibrowatt turkey-waste plant slated for Stanly County. Or the ethanol plant in Raeford. There…


The Road to Reform

South Carolina ranks second nationally in overall highway department performance, according to a study by UNC-Charlotte transportation expert David Hartgen. Although the comparison isn't exactly apples-to-apples, North Carolina ranks 31st. Maybe that's why Gov. Mike Easley's 21st Century Transportation Committee has been mulling over ideas for road reform in North…

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