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Author: Neal Inman


Time for a Return to an Effective Death Penalty

On Monday evening, the North Carolina Senate sent a bill that would reverse prior legislation making capital punishment virtually impossible to Gov. Bev Perdue’s desk.  Perdue’s office has not yet commented on whether or not she will veto the bill. Senate Bill 9, “No Discriminatory Purpose in Death Penalty”, would…


Certificate of Need: Does It Actually Control Healthcare Costs?

“The fundamental premise of the CON law is that increasing health care costs may be controlled by governmental restrictions on the unnecessary duplication of medical facilities.” -NC Division of Health Service Regulation website. While the basic economic case against the entire Certificate of Need (CON) process has already been made,…


Redistricting Maps: Politicized or Payback?

The first North Carolina legislative and congressional redistricting maps drawn by Republicans since Reconstruction have passed the General Assembly, and they have been greeted with caterwauling from Democrats claiming they give an unfair advantage to their opponents. The media has largely allowed Democrats to articulate these complaints without mentioning their…


The Veto Governor

Gov. Bev Perdue has declared repeatedly that she wants to be remembered as North Carolina’s “jobs governor”, but the 2011 legislative session has cemented her place in history for a completely different reason: her vetoes. Perdue has vetoed more legislation than every previous governor combined. A governor previously mocked for…


Regulatory Reform: Jobs and Economic Recovery Take Priority over State Bureaucracy

The General Assembly passed several pieces of legislation this session that will limit the regulatory authority of state bureaucracies. Important reforms include mandatory cost-benefit analysis for all new regulations and a prohibition on state agencies creating new environmental rules unless required to under federal or state law. Republicans had promised…