Author: Rhett Forman

  • North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center Exposed Part II: Government Waste Flushed Down Rural Center

    The first article of the Civitas Institute’s two-part series on the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center highlighted its corrupt tactics and the $200,000-plus per year salary of President Billy Ray Hall. To go over all the instances of favoritism over the center’s past 26 years would be overwhelming. The following examples are from the […]

  • North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center Exposed Part I: Rural Center Scheme Robs Taxpayers

    What if I were to coax you into accepting a loan with money I stole from you? You’d probably call the police and have me arrested as a thief and a con artist. But here’s a news flash: The state government and the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center (Rural Center) have been practicing this […]

  • Make Your Representative Work for You

    What would the ideal job look like for you? Would it be one in which you had free rein to do whatever your heart desired and were paid regardless of your productivity? Or would you prefer a position in which you created value for yourself and others but were also held to a high standard? […]

  • NC Needs a Reality Check

    If you check out Forbes Magazine’s List of the Best Places for Business and Careers, you will find a slideshow of silver skyscrapers hailing the prosperity of Raleigh and other North Carolina metro areas – but failing to show economic reality elsewhere in the Tar Heel State. The magazine touts Raleigh as No. 2 in […]

  • Costly Antique: The Real History of the Second Primary

    The second primary is a disturbing ghost from North Carolina’s past. It is also as expensive and unnecessary now as it was tyrannical when it was first instituted a century ago – in an era when a racist Democratic agenda dominated state government. This year 15 offices in North Carolina will be contested in second primaries held on July 17. The North Carolina State Board of Elections reports that there will be three Congressional races (all Republican), five Council of State races (four Republican, one Democratic), and seven state legislature races (five Republican and two Democratic).

  • HB 1015: A Flood of Tax Code in a Sinking Economy

    The federal and state tax codes in this country are confusing at best and unintelligible at worst. In fact, there is a whole group of people who dedicate their entire adult lives to breaking these codes and using their knowledge to help others. We call these enlightened beings “accountants”, and without them, many of us […]

  • HB 1139: Greenbacks for Green Business

    Remember the embarrassing Solyndra debacle perpetrated by the federal government? You would think that North Carolina lawmakers would have learned a lesson about the futility of granting government privileges to inefficient “green” energy schemes. Think again. HB 1139, “Promote Renewable Jobs,”  sponsored by Reps. Jennifer Weiss (D-Wake), Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford), Paul Luebke (D-Durham), and Chuck […]