Author: Scott Blakeman

  • Shortsighted Government Regulations Harm Optometry Business

    An Optometrist’s Journey Dr. Jay Bailey owns Professional Eye Associates in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a family-owned and -operated business where Bailey has accrued 23 years of experience in both practicing optometry and running his own business. Since 1987, Bailey has been committed to following his passion of helping others overcome debilitating vision deficits […]

  • What the Tax-Free Weekend Can Teach Us

    Did you venture out to purchase school supplies for your aspiring young scholar during our state’s tax-free weekend? Or, perhaps your child’s school days have long passed and you simply wanted to acquire a new computer without incurring a sales tax. Either way, North Carolina recently held its annual sales tax holiday, during which the […]

  • Education Monopoly Defends Its Turf

    School choice in North Carolina recently hit a major roadblock when Superior Court Judge Abraham Jones barred a virtual charter school from operating in the state. NC Learns, a non-profit organization, sought to open a virtual charter school with the goal of enrolling almost 2,000 students across the state. The school, NC Virtual Academy, would […]

  • NC Affirms Traditional Marriage

    One important part of the session was decided not at the General Assembly, but at polling places across the state. In May, North Carolinians went to the polls in overwhelming numbers to vote for an amendment to our state’s Constitution that affirms marriage between one man and one woman. With the passage of the amendment, […]

  • Debt Crisis Hits Home

    Picture this: a family of four is sitting down at the dinner table enjoying a delicious meal together. Mom asks, “How was school?” A child asks, “What did you do at work today, Dad?” The hungry teenager hastily requests, “Would you pass the potatoes, please?” The family seems happy; all material needs and desires are […]

  • SB 861: Furniture Subsidy Has No Leg to Stand On

    North Carolina is a fantastic state in which to live. It has oceans, mountains, and lovely locations in between. For instance, in the middle of the state we find the city of High Point. Ask anyone about High Point and their response is sure to include the topic of furniture. Every year, the High Point […]