Author: Sven Larson

  • The Numbers Aren’t Adding Up: A High-Risk Pool for North Carolina

    House Bill 265, sponsored by Representatives Verla Insko (D-Orange), Hugh Holliman (D-Davidson), Bob England (D-Rutherford) and Alice Underhill (D-Craven), would create a state-sponsored high-risk pool (HRP) for people with serious health conditions that make it difficult to purchase health insurance on the open market. In order to be eligible for the pool a person must not only have a health condition that is difficult to insure, but also be unable to purchase a plan that is below 175 percent of the prevailing market cost. While 34 other states have high-risk pools, the legislation currently being considered differs from many of these plans and could prove very costly to North Carolina taxpayers, as well as the people who enroll in the HRP.