Author: William Bejan

  • Certifiable Improvement

    North Carolina’s healthcare system could be considerably more effective at controlling costs, increasing rural access and delivering quality services. That much Republicans and Democrats agree on. It’s the details that are in dispute and one healthcare policy, certificate of need regulation, has been particularly controversial. The Certificate of Need (CON) system was mandated by federal […]

  • Trucking the Policy Trend

    Raleigh city officials are patiently considering revised regulations that would allow increased downtown access to food trucks, or freestanding mobile food vendors. City officials will meet again August 30th in pursuit of a full council decision by early September. Someone should save them the time. It’s not surprising that something that makes many residents very […]

  • Wisconsin Union Battle: Framing the Debate in North Carolina?

    Amidst the controversy surrounding recent legislation that would have affected the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), people are regrettably misinformed.  Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of legislation banning automatic dues payments from NCAE members’ paychecks exposed several prevailing misconceptions. First, the NCAE has certain self-interests. The NCAE is a lobbying group representing the welfare of […]