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Bad Bill of the Week


HB 681: Mascots under the Microscope

Major things are happening in North Carolina government. Budgets are being written, districts are being redrawn, and if several legislators get their way, mascots will soon be under review for political correctness. Wait, what? Under HB 681 An Act to Study the Use of American Indian Mascots at Public Schools…


SB 35: That Dog Won’t Hunt (Literally)

Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend.” Apparently, they aren’t a friend of Rep. Ellie Kinnaird. SB 35, Orange Co./No Deer Hunting with Dogs, sponsored by Kinnaird (D-Orange) would criminalize anyone attempting to “hunt deer or attempt to take deer with the aid of dogs at any time”…


House Bill 349: It’s Not Easy Being Green

House Bill 349, Promote Green Roofs on Buildings, is just one more example of politicians using the “green” movement to disguise classic political game playing. It sounds good, but it is a really just a taxpayer-funded handout to companies that install green roofs.


Bad Bills of the Week: HB 169 & SB 188, High Point Furniture Festival

Upon electing a new conservative majority in Raleigh, voters have high hopes for the end of the General Assembly’s “write a check and hope for the best” approach to economic development. However, House Bill 169: High Point Furniture Market Funds sponsored by Rep. Maggie Jeffus (D-Guilford), Rep. John Faircloth (R-Guilford),…


SB 169: Pay Now, and Pay Later

Like a bad headache, sometimes bad bills just won’t go away. Such is the case with this week’s Bad Bill of the Week SB 169, introduced by Senator Fletcher Hartsell (R-Cabarrus) and cryptically named Study Innovations/Incentives in Education. SB 169 calls for creation of a study commission “to study the…


Socially Irresponsible Companies

Senate Bill 26, the North Carolina Benefit Corporation Act, would create a new class of business or corporation that can claim to be morally superior to the run of the mill greedy corporation that now exists.


HB 173: The Fruit of the Sea

If you had an opportunity to solve one of North Carolina’s biggest problems which one would you pick? You might not think that North Carolina’s lack of an officially designated shrimp festival is a big problem, but two state representatives do...


HB 137: How About a Zero-Thirds Bond?

In spite of North Carolina’s overwhelming public opposition to the state government issuing more state debt without voter approval, Rep. Bill Owens (D-Camden) seeks to do just that. HB 137 Two-Thirds Bond would authorize the issuance of new state debt totaling $138.5 million over the next two years – without…


HB 31: Cell Phone Criminals

As a child did you dream of growing up to be a law breaker but were too scared to conquer your fears of committing more serious crimes like murder and robbery? If this sounds like you, you might be in luck. Rep Garland Pierce (D-Robeson) is sponsoring legislation that will…


SB 25: Bad News Barbers

If you were worried that North Carolina legislators would run out of things to regulate, you can rest assured—barber poles are the latest and greatest regulatory target. Really, we are not joking.  Senate Bill 25–An Act Providing That Only Barbers May Use the Striped Barber Pole as a Means of…

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