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  • Dem Budget Tour Brings Everything But the Truth

    Earlier this week House and Senate Democrats began a state wide budget tour to criticize the Republican-authored state budget and job losses in state government and the public schools. Democrat law makers, local officials and individuals directly impacted by budget cuts dutifully showed up at various stops to criticize policies and plead for more money. […]

  • State Worker Benefits and the Budget Crisis: What Do the Voters Say?

    The political battles carried out between government workers and budget hawks in state capitols across the country have made national headlines for months.  From the massive public union protests in Madison, Wisconsin to the Minnesota state government “shutdown” resulting from failure to pass a state budget, state government workers and their salaries and benefits have […]

  • Debt Downgrade – Is North Carolina Next?

    The recent Standard & Poor’s downgrade of federal debt instruments sent waves of fear across indebted government agencies across the nation. Just days after the federal downgrade, S&P issued downgrades for thousands of municipal and other local bonds, including a series of bonds held by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. […]

  • Historic State Budget Battle Focuses on Taxes, Jobs

    The 2011 North Carolina state budget is an historic one; it is the first state budget to be vetoed by the governor. Adding to its historic nature, the governor’s veto was overridden by the required three-fifths vote in both the state House and Senate, making it only the second veto to be overridden in state […]

  • Perdue Vetoes, Fundraises on Bipartisan Budget

    In a last-minute decision Sunday afternoon, Governor Perdue penned the first executive veto of a state budget in North Carolina’s history. This latest action comes on the heels of a dramatic public relations war the governor has been waging against the General Assembly’s bipartisan budget, which differs in total spending from her own budget by […]

  • Senate Budget Plan Includes Tax Cuts, Spends $500 Million Less Than Perdue’s Budget

    The North Carolina Senate unveiled its FY 2011-13 biennium budget plan this week, and unsurprisingly it had much more in common with the House plan than with Governor Perdue’s budget proposal. That said, however, there are a number of notable differences between the Senate and House proposals. As the budget writing process continues to unfold, […]

  • Senate Budget Cleans Out Smart Start Bureaucracy; Wins Approval From Early Childcare Providers

    There isn’t much room on the state’s dole this year for government administrators earning more than the Governor herself. So it is without much surprise when the Senate targets the North Carolina Partnership for Children (NCPC), a middle-man administrator of Smart Start, in order to help reconcile a $2.4 billion shortfall. Streamlining Smart Start comes […]

  • Do Taxpayers Really Need to Subsidize the Study of Surfing and Time Travel?

    Fearful of the impacts of another round of budget reductions, UNC officials have been working hard to convince the public and lawmakers about just how dire additional budget cuts will be to the UNC system. Hannah Gage, chair of the UNC Board of Governors, recently told the Charlotte Observer that cuts would mean having “to […]

  • Education Budget Breakdown

    This year’s budget crunch brought varying proposals from the Governor, State Senate, and State House, each differing as to where and how deep the axe should fall on state bureaucracy. This Civitas budget breakdown evaluates the different cuts to the Education budget put forth by each branch of state government. As education funding accounts for […]

  • N.C. Bill Calls for Budget Balancing Constitutional Convention

    With the federal government’s arrival at its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling just around the corner, a recently filed N.C. Senate Bill serves as a timely petition and reproach to the federal government with one simple message: balance your budget. N.C. Senate Bill 610 urges the Congress to adopt a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced […]

  • House Budget Brings Changes to Early Childcare

    Early childcare programs are a central theme in this year’s House budget for the coming biennium – as legislators are charged with the tough tasks of making decisions on funding intended for at-risk children throughout the state. House leadership went to lengths to ensure that changes made were to the greatest extent possible targeted at […]

  • Smart Start House Budget Analysis

    Several weeks ago, the N.C. House rolled out their preliminary options for balancing the biennium budget. Included in their options were sweeping structural and monetary changes for a significant number of state programs, including some common-sense reforms for Smart Start, North Carolina’s non-profit childcare vehicle. The original proposal for Smart Start included a series of […]

  • N.C. House Budget Plan Spends $600 M Less Than Perdue’s Plan; Includes No New Taxes

    The North Carolina State House of Representatives released their budget proposal for the coming biennium earlier this week. With a notable change in leadership in the General Assembly, and a multi-billion dollar deficit facing the state, the House spending plan is sure to receive much scrutiny. There are a number of notable differences between the […]

  • From Red Hat to Red Chinese: Looking for Friends in All the Wrong Places

    Making “Crony Capitalism” Work Governor Bev Perdue started 2010 by donning a red hat and announcing almost $20 million in taxpayer money being given in the form of “incentives” to software maker Red Hat.[i] By early April she was no longer wearing a red hat, but getting help from the “Red Chinese” in her effort […]

  • High Speed Rail Funds Race Ahead

    House Bill 422, No High-Speed Rail Money from Federal Government, has been under attack by major media outlets, special interest groups, and big-spending politicians in Raleigh. True to its name, the bill would prevent North Carolina’s Department of Transportation from spending federal grant money it receives designated for high-speed rail projects without approval of the […]

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