The Myth of ‘Trickle-Down Economics’

Pop quiz: what do you do when you are a politician who finds himself incapable of debating the merits of an opposing viewpoint? Answer: invent a viewpoint no one holds, critique that viewpoint, and claim intellectual victory. That’s what happens when politicians talk about “trickle-down economics” – when in fact…

To create jobs, promote access to opportunity via human networks

To create jobs, promote access to opportunity via human networks

By U.S. Sen. Mike Lee Like most Americans, I support the ability of individuals to collect unemployment insurance for a limited amount of time. But in order to start solving the problem of long-term unemployment, this debate has to begin addressing the president’s broken policies that are making it more…


The Big Mo: Raleigh Area’s Success Offers Lessons

A new survey suggesting the future looks bright for the greater Raleigh area has important lessons for the whole state. The website recently published a study of which metro areas have the most economic momentum as 2014 gets under way. The Praxis Strategy Group looked at factors such as GDP growth,…


Medicaid Expansion: A Quick Primer

In North Carolina, most news coverage on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, has focused on the massive technical failures of the federal exchange website. But there is another healthcare issue that is heating up all over the country: Medicaid expansion. This article should help provide some…

Unemployment Insurance: You Get What You Pay For

Unemployment Insurance: You Get What You Pay For

“You get what you pay for” goes one popular old adage. And in North Carolina, it appears that we had for some time been paying to secure one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.


How to Keep Poor People Poor

If I wanted to keep poor people poor, there are several government policies I would favor. For starters, I would advocate for a robust and ever-expanding welfare state. Programs like Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment insurance, etc.? Perfect poverty traps. I would recognize that a perfect recipe for keeping poor people…


Unions Vow to ‘Organize the South’

Last month, union bosses from the AFL-CIO came together at a major convention in Los Angeles to discuss the future of organized labor in the United States. There they unveiled a new “Southern Strategy” aimed at revitalizing unionism. The AFL-CIO’s website noted: What happens in the South affects the nation,…


Isn’t a “Myth” Supposed to be Untrue?

Rob Christensen of the News & Observer recently published an article in which he claims to uncover “the truth” behind 10 “myths” about North Carolina state government. Disappointingly, Christensen gives short shrift to each point, and his “facts” are deliberately cherry-picked and incomplete in order to fit his preconceived narrative.…


The Real Fraud: Government ‘Economic Development’ Programs

In many ways, the scandal at the RBTC is only the latest example of the problems inherent in publicly-funded economic development programs.


Anatomy of a Fraud: Inside the Audit of the Raleigh Business and Technology Center

Raleigh News and Observer and WRAL reported on the scandal but their information was based on only a brief summary of the audit but we weren’t content with that. Here's the whole story.

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