• Why We Should Eliminate the Minimum Wage

    The growth of teenage unemployment has ominous implications for the future — but there is a solution, if we are willing to face economic reality. According to a host of sources, joblessness among young people is growing. For example, the Christian Science Monitor said that the unemployment rate for African-Americans in the 16-19 year-old range […]

  • Raleigh Businessman Gives the President A Sign

    The founder of the iconic lunch haven Snoopy’s in Raleigh was so infuriated by President Obama saying he hadn’t built the business by himself he put up a sign to answer the President. Watch the video here...

  • NC Needs a Reality Check

    If you check out Forbes Magazine’s List of the Best Places for Business and Careers, you will find a slideshow of silver skyscrapers hailing the prosperity of Raleigh and other North Carolina metro areas – but failing to show economic reality elsewhere in the Tar Heel State. The magazine touts Raleigh as No. 2 in […]

  • Debt Crisis Hits Home

    Picture this: a family of four is sitting down at the dinner table enjoying a delicious meal together. Mom asks, “How was school?” A child asks, “What did you do at work today, Dad?” The hungry teenager hastily requests, “Would you pass the potatoes, please?” The family seems happy; all material needs and desires are […]

  • UNC Center Focuses on Partisanship, not Poverty

    An organization founded by ex-Sen. John Edwards was meant to fight poverty, but many clues suggest it instead focuses more on fighting partisan battles– and avoiding scrutiny by North Carolina taxpayers. The Center on Work, Poverty, and Opportunity at the UNC School of Law was founded in 2005 as a sort of halfway house for […]

  • How to Get NC’s Economy On Track

    This article originally appeared in the Charlotte Business Journal. North Carolina can improve its dismal 9.4% unemployment rate – currently fourth worst in the nation. To understand what that takes, however, requires an understanding of what makes a state’s economy thrive relative to those of other states. States that thrive are the ones with the […]

  • When is a job not really a ‘created’ one?

    This article first appeared in the Fayetteville Observer on June 21. It’s easy to understand why Jane would be so excited about the new economic development project in her town. She is unemployed. Luckily, Jane’s husband still has his job, but his income is not enough to support them and their two young children. Jane […]

  • Lawmakers Eye Tougher Penalties for Unemployment Fraud

    (RALEIGH) – Some state legislators point to a case in Scotland County that cost a businessman thousands of dollars and affected his firm’s unemployment credit rating as a prime example of why the penalty for unemployment fraud should be increased from a misdemeanor to a felony. In 2011 Gerri Clark, 41, was charged with over […]

  • Held back by Red Tape 3: Policy Options for North Carolina

    How can we modify licensing in North Carolina? While it is doubtful that North Carolina will do away with occupational licensing in its entirety, common-sense reforms can alleviate many of the burdens that licensing places on our economy: 1) Eliminate occupational privilege licensing. Occupational privilege licensing serves no regulatory purpose. It is simply another $40 […]

  • Held Back by Red Tape 2: Fines and Missed Dreams

    Steve Cooksey of Gaston County, thought he was just helping diabetics. David N. Cox of Raleigh thought he was helping his neighbors. But both North Carolinians found that they had run afoul of one of the most widespread yet least-discussed barriers to creating jobs and pursing one’s dreams: occupational licensing. Doing unlicensed business, or even […]

  • Held Back by Red Tape: Occupational Licensing in North Carolina

    This article is the first installment of a three-part series examining the practice of occupational licensing in North Carolina. Imagine a practice that restricts freedom, stifles competition, crushes dreams of success, and takes money out of consumers’ pockets — often for little or no good reason. Would you call it bureaucratic red tape? Restraint of […]

  • Employment Insecurity

    Business leaders complain the North Carolina unemployment system needs to be completely changed so people are encouraged to train and work. A Civitas Institute video report examines the tangled system. The state is in debt to the federal government to the tune of $2.6 billion for loans to keep unemployment benefits flowing. Over $500 million […]

  • North Carolina’s Lost Decade

    The first decade of the 21st Century for North Carolina was a difficult one. In terms of the state’s economic condition, many may label it a lost decade. Lost jobs, lost fiscal restraint by state government, lost opportunities for spending reform, and more lost ground in terms of worker pay. These topics all dominated North […]

  • Perdue Bringing “Solyndra” Politics to North Carolina

    Documents obtained by the Civitas Institute suggest Gov. Bev Perdue is attempting to strong-arm North Carolina’s three major utility companies into supplying more expensive energy to their customers in the northeastern part of the state. In a political power-play to reward big business reminiscent of the handling of the Solyndra debacle that embarrassed the Obama […]

  • While the Economy Busts, Lottery Sales Boom

    Much like the economy, it’s more bust than boom for those playing the North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL). Unlike the economy, however, bust is the normal state of affairs for lottery players—with slim statistical margins rarely yielding a winning ticket. However, that hasn’t deterred a strong uptick in lottery sales in recent years, with highest […]

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