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Trucking the Policy Trend

Raleigh city officials are patiently considering revised regulations that would allow increased downtown access to food trucks, or freestanding mobile food vendors. City officials will meet again August 30th in pursuit of a full council decision by early September. Someone should save them the time. It’s not surprising that something…


Gas Relief a Legitimate Possibility

OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) talks disintegrated last Wednesday, causing the price of oil to yet again rise over $100 a barrel, giving little hope of relief at the pump in the near future. While the price of oil rising is hardly recent news, the breakdown in efforts…


Fees for Free Enterprise

Government can do something for the people only in proportion as it can do something to the people. -Thomas Jefferson At this point budget cuts come as no surprise to government-funded programs, and as such they are already looking for ways to circumvent their budget shortfalls.  A time-honored and quickly…


New Regulations Burden Childcare Providers

“Tell me about rules that defy common sense—rules that hinder job creation—slow progress… I can promise, North Carolina will listen to you.” – Governor Bev Perdue While Gov. Bev Perdue announced recently that there would be no new rules allowed to encumber businesses, a universally applauded measure to help expedite…


Lawmakers Shouldn’t Ignore Transportation Spending and Tax Cuts

It’s budget season again and the new Republican majority in Raleigh is scrambling to come up with almost $4 billion to fill in the state budget hole.  Budget items that are paid for by the General Fund, such as education, Medicaid and public safety are going to get the lion’s…


Optimism is Great, but Where are the Jobs?

The January 2011 announcement of 1,900 jobs lost at the American Express Greensboro location is more jobs lost in Guilford County than in all of 2010 closings and layoffs put together. An area typically registering above the statewide unemployment average is now watching as a 25 year-old Greensboro big hitter…


Waiting for Stimulation

Reflecting on the economic reality in North Carolina throughout the recently-completed year of 2010 reveals some grim truths about the so-called stimulus, which should have by now long since rescued us from the depths of recession.


Read Between the Lines: Perdue Lacking Clear Vision

The current $3.7 billion budget deficit facing North Carolina presents a golden opportunity to re-evaluate the size and scope of state government. Presented with this opportunity, however, Governor Bev Perdue has failed to clearly articulate her vision for government’s role in society.


ARRA: More Stagnation than Stimulation

Nearly $800 billion and two years later, state government analysts are revealing the true impotence of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA); aka the federal stimulus bill. Recent data produced by North Carolina’s Fiscal Research Division shows that the federal stimulus in North Carolina has failed to live up…


Public Fishing Piers Perceived as Job Creators

Five goals that spell out the purpose of three North Carolina Aquarium fishing piers do not mention the word jobs. The three piers are Jennette’s Pier – currently under construction in Nags Head – and Emerald Isle and Carolina Beach piers, which are both in early stages of financing and…

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