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As Private Sector Struggles, Local Government Workforce Expands

The number of local government workers at the municipal level in North Carolina grew at nearly twice the rate of private sector workers, and also outpaced the state’s population growth, over a recent ten-year period.


Spending isn’t stimulating

This article first appeared in the June 26 News & Observer. RALEIGH -- Nearly a year and a half has passed since President Barack Obama signed the federal stimulus package into law. How is that working out? The president's own economic advisers assured us that the deficit spending would help…


Federal Earmarks Make State Economies Worse Off

Want to get North Carolina state lawmakers as excited as a kid on Christmas morning? Tell them that some "free" federal government money is coming to the state. Indeed, many of us can recall last year when Gov. Bev Perdue excitedly declared she would "drive a truck" down to South…


Unnecessary Burdensome Fees and Regulations Hurt Small Business

Regulation of Appraisal Management Industry Hurts Small Business and Consumers While Big Business Gets Bigger. Small business will be priced out of the market by $5,000 registration fees, a $2,500 annual fee and numerous compliance costs. Consumers will suffer as taxes and fees are ultimately passed along to them.


State Employment Grows while More North Carolinians Lose Jobs

The number of state government employees in North Carolina has risen at a healthy clip at the same time the private sector lost 50,000 jobs. North Carolina state government added 34,824 full-time equivalent positions from 2001 through 2009, an increase of 12.3%...


Tax Credits To Hollywood Fat Cats Fails To Create Jobs

HB 713 would expand North Carolina’s existing tax credit to corporations shooting movies or television shows in North Carolina. The tax credit is being expanded under the guise of “creating jobs.” Studies show, however, that film incentives do not create jobs, and end up being a drag on state budgets.…


Life Sciences Development Act Puts Tax Dollars At Risk While Expanding Government Control Of Industry

The NC House is set to take up HB 530 on the first day of session. This bill would establish an investment vehicle by which investors can provide capital to startup life sciences corporations, but their risk in investing will be guaranteed by taxpayers. The state of North Carolina would…


Governor Perdue’s Budget Plan Increases Spending Again During “Great Recession”

On April 20, Governor Bev Perdue released her recommended adjustments for the fiscal year 2010-11 North Carolina state budget. Included in her recommendations are an increase in spending over the current year’s expected appropriations, the elimination of roughly 600 mostly vacant state positions, a cut to public education and public…


Gov. Perdue’s 2010-11 Budget Recommendations: Transportation

Governor Perdue’s total proposed FY 2010-11 budget for Transportation is $2.8 billion. This includes a $7 increase (from $28 to $35) in annual registration fees for cars and light trucks.


Gov. Perdue’s 2010-11 Budget Recommendations: Natural and Economic Resources

Governor Perdue’s recommended spending adjustments to the FY 2010-11 budget includes a 7.3% increase for the Department of Natural and Economic Resources (NER), the largest such recommended expansion, percentage-wise, among all state agencies.

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