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  • Georgia Sec. of State Discusses His State’s Experience With Photo ID

    Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Secretary of State, was the speaker at the Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference: Battleground 2012 breakfast on Saturday, March 3, 2012.  Kemp has served as Georgia Secretary of State since January, 2010 and is Georgia’s Chief Elections Administrator.  Since taking office, Secretary Kemp has established his state as a national model for election […]

  • Public Financing for Candidates Drying Up

    State public campaign funding for key races is drying up, a situation with significant implications for a number of candidates in this coming election season. The funding for three Council of State races (auditor, insurance commissioner and superintendent of public instruction) has virtually run out, while “rescue funds” will no longer be available to supposedly […]

  • Debunking Voter Photo ID Myths

    Who are the opponents of a voter ID requirement?  If we rely only on mainstream media, we would believe that all minority groups, especially African Americans and registered Democrats, oppose any legislation requiring a voter to present photo ID in order to cast a vote. Consequently it may come as a surprise to learn that […]

  • The Democrats’ Charlotte Convention: Opportunity Costs?

    With eleven months to go before the start of the 2012 Democratic National Convention (Convention) in Charlotte, many questions remain to be answered. The Convention has been sold to the public as a win-win for North Carolina where national attention and money will be showered on the state with little to no cost to the […]

  • SBOE Flip Flops on Absentee Ballot Request

    First Approves DemocracyNC, Then Denies Request from GOP For a time, Bob Hall (Director, DemocracyNC) was the only person outside of the State Board of Elections (SBOE) who knew he was approved for an absentee ballot request form that violated state law. An absentee ballot request form is necessary for a voter to receive an […]

  • Mayer Flails – and Fails in New Yorker Article

    Add Jane Mayer to the list of liberals trolling the backwaters of North Carolina politics desperately looking for evidence to validate the lefts’s predetermined conclusion that Art Pope bought control of North Carolina politics. Mayer, who authored the recent New Yorker piece on Art Pope, claims to be an investigative journalist. However, her work argues against […]

  • Redistricting Maps: Politicized or Payback?

    The first North Carolina legislative and congressional redistricting maps drawn by Republicans since Reconstruction have passed the General Assembly, and they have been greeted with caterwauling from Democrats claiming they give an unfair advantage to their opponents. The media has largely allowed Democrats to articulate these complaints without mentioning their party’s long, sordid affair with […]

  • My Opportunity for Voter Fraud

    The hot voter ID button seems to only be getting hotter these days.  Many arguments have been floating around as to why or why not HB 351, “Restore Confidence in Government,” should be passed.  I would like to share a slightly different perspective on the issue. In the 2008 General Election I found myself in […]

  • New Maps Rankle Old Majority

    So the maps are out, and not surprisingly, so are the hecklers. The General Assembly recently released the legislative redistricting maps that will be in place for the next decade.  These maps have been met with  an understandable fury of protest by Democrats who will soon face Republican-drawn districts for the first time in modern […]

  • End to Public Campaign Financing Means Increased Taxpayer Savings

    Recently the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an Arizona law claiming to support “clean elections,” ruling 5-4 to uphold our free speech rights and finding the law unconstitutional. The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Act of 1998 established a system of campaign finance that dispenses taxpayer dollars to candidates who accept certain campaign restrictions, most notably […]

  • North Carolina’s Attempt at Election Reform

    To no one’s surprise, Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed House Bill 351 “An Act to Restore Confidence in Government by Requiring that Voters Provide Photo Identification Before Voting” a week after the legislation was ratified by state lawmakers. In the week leading up to the veto, Perdue spokesperson Chrissy Pearson made it clear that the governor […]

  • Should Voters Pick Justices Blindly?

    ‘Justice is Blind’, or so the saying goes, but should that adage also apply for electing justices? Believe it or not, our current system for electing judges in North Carolina encourages just that. By removing the (R) or the (D) from a candidate’s name on the ballot, our system of non-partisan elections robs the voter […]

  • Shorten Early Voting – Good. Eliminate Registering and Voting on the Same Day – Better

    On May 18, 2011, House Bill 658 “Shorten Early Voting Period” passed with a 60-58 vote.  The bill would shorten the current 2 ½ week early voting period by a week.  Six Republicans voted against the measure.  The Senate’s version of this bill, Senate Bill 657, goes further by eliminating Same Day Registration (SDR).  Before […]

  • Legislation Requires Photo ID to Vote

    The road has been rocky, but the Republican majority has voted Voter Photo ID legislation (House Bill 351, “Restore Confidence in Government”) out of House Committee on Elections. The bill is now headed to House Committee on Appropriations before moving to the full House for a vote in the coming weeks. Republicans on the Elections […]

  • Voter ID: Setting the Record Straight

    The new majority in the North Carolina Legislature may need more than a little patience and determination to withstand the attacks headed their way if they keep their promise and pass legislation requiring a government issued photo ID to cast a ballot.  The liberal/progressive groups who oppose a voter ID requirement are organized and ready to do what they can to defeat this measure.

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