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Radical Environmental Groups Violate NC Law, FCC Rules

Radical Environmental Groups Violate NC Law, FCC Rules

Two ultraliberal, out-of-state national groups are apparently flouting state law and violating Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules (§ 73.1212) in a campaign attacking legislators who favor bringing energy development and jobs to North Carolina. So far in 2014, more than $2 million has been spent in TV ad buys as…

Time to Slow Down the Runaway Solar Train

Time to Slow Down the Runaway Solar Train

Trains are notoriously hard to slow down – even when we need them to. North Carolina’s solar subsidies, some of the most generous in the nation, are sort of like a runaway train that just keeps moving forward. Maybe now is the time to tap the brakes. With the intention…


HB 298, Affordable and Reliable Energy Act: Ending the Waste

I’m really enjoying riding the wild, wacky merry-go-round of North Carolina’s renewable energy mandates. Yesterday, I got my bill from Duke Energy Progress, or whatever it is this week. I sure was glad that by paying it I was helping out the beleaguered pig farmers of North Carolina. That’s sarcasm,…


Civitas Action To Grade Energy Bill

Yesterday morning, Civitas Action alerted legislators to House Bill 298, the Affordable and Reliable Energy Act, indicating its support, and promised to include the bill in its future rankings. The notice is reproduced below. Dear Legislator, House Bill 298, Affordable and Reliable Energy Act, is a measure that would protect…


Raleigh Store Owner Battles Bureaucrats

Every day I drive past a gas station and convenience store, the Grocery Boy Junior on Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh. A few weeks ago, while fueling up there and muttering about high gas prices, I noticed something on the marquee outside of the building: “HIGH GAS PRICES [A]FFECT EVERYONE/…


Free Market Will Generate Energy Answers

Throughout the latest discourse on energy policy and government-related endeavors in natural resources, I have come to a conclusion on the matter: We aren’t running out of resources as fast as some would have you believe. So often we hear that our crude oil supply is decreasing at a rather…


Steps Forward on Energy and the Environment

The 2012 Legislative Session was especially notable for authorizing legislation to set the stage for energy exploration in North Carolina. The legislature also passed several important bills to limit job-killing environmental regulations, while maintaining environmental protection. Energy On the eve of the 2012 session adjournment, the General Assembly managed to…


Perdue Bringing “Solyndra” Politics to North Carolina

Documents obtained by the Civitas Institute suggest Gov. Bev Perdue is attempting to strong-arm North Carolina’s three major utility companies into supplying more expensive energy to their customers in the northeastern part of the state. In a political power-play to reward big business reminiscent of the handling of the Solyndra…


North Carolina’s War on Plastic

North Carolina’s public enemy number one: plastic. State lawmakers have embarked on a full frontal attack on plastic throughout the state ranging from banning plastic bottles in state-wide landfills to reducing plastic bags in the Outer Banks.


Energy and Environment: How the Legislature Views Its Necessity

The push to make the words green, energy and efficient all on equal terms was clearly evident during the 2009 General Assembly long session. Some legislators are more vocal about transitioning everything in the state towards a “green” economy more than others, which is revealed in the numerous bills submitted…

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