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Life & Family Issues


Smart Start Partnership Re-Awards Multi-Million Dollar Contract to Mismanaging Non-Profit

In a controversial decision that followed heated opposition by the public and alarming questions raised by the members of the board, Durham County’s Partnership for Children voted to re-award a multimillion dollar contract to a non-profit with a very troubled past. The Durham County Partnership for Children is the local…


Government Invites Itself In: Parental Rights at Risk

In North Carolina, like every other state, the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution gives parents the implicit right to care and nurture their children. Parents, not the government, are presumed to have the child’s best interest in mind when making choices about who may see their children and when,…


The Daycare Dilemma

2011 finds North Carolina in the abyss of recession: high unemployment, low private sector job growth, and state government scrambling to fill a $3.7 billion budget hole. In a year when state finances are scarcer than any other time in recent history, virtually all government programs will be cut back;…


Marriage Rally Urges Legislators for Amendment

Dozens of people rallied outside the state capital on August 10 to support a state constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman. The rally was one stop in a series of rallies taking place nationwide sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). The 20-stop tour is…


20 Changes For 2010: Protecting Unborn Victims of Violence

When a crime is committed against a pregnant woman, North Carolina does not legally recognize the unborn child’s death or injury as a separate crime. In 2009, 15 states, including New York, Oregon and neighboring Tennessee introduced measures to protect unborn victims of violence. North Carolina was not one of…


20 Changes For 2010: Death Penalty

The tenth recommendation in the Civitas Institute 2010 Agenda: “20 Changes for 2010: A Primer for State Reform” focuses on ending the death penalty moratorium and carrying out jury verdicts.


20 Changes For 2010: Defense of Marriage Act

In 2009, North Carolina state legislators had the opportunity to enact a constitutional amendment declaring marriage as the union between one man and one woman. However, the Defense of Marriage Act, introduced this session in the House as HB 361 and in the Senate as SB 272, was blocked for…


Defense of Marriage Act Ignored in NC

Two-thirds of North Carolina voters support a constitutional amendment declaring that marriage is defined as one man and one woman, according to polling by the Civitas Institute. At the close of the 2009 North Carolina General Assembly long session, there is still no law on the books that reflects that…


Judicial Misconduct and Gay Adoption

Conservatives frequently complain about judicial activism on our nation’s courts and they have a valid point. Judicial activism happens when judges do not confine themselves to reasonable interpretations of laws, but instead create law. Alternatively, judicial activism also happens when courts do not limit their ruling to the dispute before…


Defending Marriage in N.C.

North Carolina is the only Southern state that does not have a defense of marriage amendment included in its constitution. Without such an amendment, the state is subject to legal attacks against the institution of marriage as we know it.

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