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Federal Health Care “Reform” Proposal Would Add $600 Million to N.C.’s Already Strained Budget

North Carolina’s state budget is already at the breaking point. In order to “balance” the current year’s spending plan, lawmakers grasped at a patchwork list of revenue, including more than $1 billion in state tax hikes, $1.4 billion in federal “stimulus” funds and nearly $100 million from various state “trust…


Market, Uninsured Affected by Government-Imposed Mandates

One major factor clearly contributing to higher health care costs is state-level mandates. These mandates, a requirement by the government, as well as laws and regulations that follow them, prevent people from purchasing health insurance across state lines – a restriction that greatly reduces choice and insurance alternatives.


The Arbitrary Nature of Government Health Care Reform

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a nearly 2,000 page health reform bill. Looking past the clear party line divide, the bill passed by a two member margin – just barely scraping by with the minimum vote the majority needed for it to now go to the U.S.…


2009 Session Legislative Recap Series: Health and Human Services

Health care reform ranks highly among the top policy issues this year.  However, of all the reform options put forward in the debate none reflect the need for more consumer driven health care options.  What we see at the state level is an increase in spending and the expansion of…


FY 2009-10 HHS Budget Recap

The total budget appropriation of the Department of Health and Human Services in the 2009-10 budget is $5 billion, which includes $1.1 billion in federal support. The total is up from the $4.76 billion in estimated actual expenditures for last fiscal year. Legislative changes to the FY 2009-10 budget include…


Hands off My Health Care!

A year ago, I never imagined that a bill proposing a massive government-run health insurance plan and threatening to dissolve the private insurance market would be making its way through Congress. Just as I never imagined government would ever have the power to mandate health insurance coverage for every individual,…


The Damage of HB 88/ S221—An Unhealthy Youth

The highly debated Healthy Youth Act, House Bill 88 and Senate Bill 221, will force 104 of the state’s 115 school districts to teach a more contraception-focused Comprehensive Sex Education program (CSE) to our impressionable youth, starting in 2010. It was passed by the North Carolina State Senate and House…


N.C. Senator Speaks Out Against Obama Health Care Reform Option

In spite of the inefficiency and costliness of government provided healthcare projects to date (think HMOs and Medicaid part D), the Democrats in Congress are pushing for a public health care option open to all. While many eager liberals are flying straight towards the shiny blue light of “universal health…


Bill Targets Cost of Health Insurance

Are you interested in saving up to 60 percent on your health insurance? No, this is not a solicitation. This is, rather, an article to inform the public about a state bill that could drastically reduce the cost of health insurance available to you and your family.

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