• Troubles With 911 Part II: The Solutions

    Last week the issues surrounding the 911 system in the state were brought to light. But what does the Board do from here to fix those issues and make sure the outages are kept to a minimum and that no calls go unanswered? There are a couple of possible solutions. The first is to get […]

  • Jack Hawke Was Cheerful Emblem of NC’s Progress

    Update: Visitation is Thursday Nov. 7th at Zebulon United Methodist Church from 6 to 9. Memorial services will be Friday, Nov. 8th at Saint Marks United Methodist Church, 4801 Six Forks rd in Raleigh at 2:00pm. Notice the time change from the pending for the memorial service.

  • Troubles with 911 Part 1

    What were to happen if you called 911 and no one answered? Unfortunately, this has happened all too often recently across our state. The 911 centers also known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) have been plagued with outages since January 2013. This subject was brought to my attention during a recent Joint Legislative meeting […]

  • Academic Freedom or Shrill Partisanship?

    Gene Nichol, a UNC Law School professor, goes over the top in his invective. By Francis X. DeLuca and Jane S. Shaw (Editor’s note: This article is being simultaneously posted on the Civitas Institute and the Pope Center for Higher Education websites. On October 21 it was updated with a note about Nichol’s wife’s salary.) In […]

  • Mental Health Gaps Jeopardize Public Safety

    This is part I of a three-part article on mental health and severe mental illnesses in North Carolina. Almost unheard of before 1966, mass shootings like the Newtown massacre have become more and more frequent in modern American life. Pundits and politicians alike have been unable to identify the root cause of these atrocities. In […]

  • The Outlines of Education Reform: Part II

    Changes Aim to Improve Teaching, Add Choices In part I of this two-part series on the shape and direction of education reform in North Carolina, we looked behind the education budget numbers. Now in Part II we discuss this year’s legislative steps to address concerns about student achievement, teacher salaries and school vouchers. Student Achievement While […]

  • Let the Reader Beware: NC Health News’ Political Agenda

    Hidden agendas can be dangerous, particularly when the goal is to influence public opinion with political attacks in the guise of impartial journalism. Recently, a supposedly “independent, not-for-profit news organization” has stepped into the public arena. NC Health News promises to “provide crucial information about health care in North Carolina,” but few people realize that […]

  • Read & Share Your Obamacare Stories

    Read responses from real people across North Carolina describing how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is making health insurance far less affordable while often forcing them off their current plans.

  • Unions Vow to ‘Organize the South’

    Last month, union bosses from the AFL-CIO came together at a major convention in Los Angeles to discuss the future of organized labor in the United States. There they unveiled a new “Southern Strategy” aimed at revitalizing unionism. The AFL-CIO’s website noted: What happens in the South affects the nation, and the region’s influence will […]

  • Teen Courts Help NC Youths

    One question confronting North Carolina’s criminal justice system more and more is: What should we do for a 16-or-17-year-old who genuinely makes a mistake, learned a lesson and most likely will never make that mistake again?  This year the “Raise the Age” bill (HB 725) was written to take care of these exceptional kids — […]

  • Tell Us Your Obamacare Story

    Did your premiums go up? Has your out of pocket deductible doubled or tripled? Has your employer dropped your plan or cut back your hours? We want to hear from you about the real impact of ObamaCare.

  • D.C.’s Misguided Attack on NC Voting Law

    The U.S. Justice Department gave early warning to North Carolina news outlets that it would file a lawsuit later the same day to stop certain provisions of the new voter ID/election reform law passed in the 2013 legislative session.

  • A Sober Look at Education Reform in NC

    This two-part series will answer some of the current claims. Part I will address claims regarding spending cuts and include additional information frequently ignored in the budget debates. Part II will address concerns about student achievement, teacher pay and school vouchers.

  • Does NC give Unemployment Benefits to Prisoners?

    Incarcerated prisoners are not entitled to unemployment benefits because they obviously do not meet the condition of being able, available, and actively looking for work. Unemployment benefits are meant to act as a temporary safety net for employees who are out of work through no fault of their own — to tide them over until […]

  • WSSU Voter Mailings Reveal Forsyth Election Problems

    The recent discovery of important voter mailings stacked up in a post office underlines long-standing failures by elections staff that the Forsyth County Board of Elections (BOE) must finally resolve. On Aug. 30, Ken Raymond, the new Forsyth County BOE Chairman, according to this Winston-Salem Journal article discovered hundreds of verification / list-maintenance mailings that […]

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