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Where Do You Want To Be: A Coffin, Prison, Or In The Community?

"Where do you want to be -- a prison, a coffin, or in the community?" That is the question posed to 18 convicted felons last week in the Rockingham County Agricultural Center.


Troubles With 911 Part II: The Solutions

Last week the issues surrounding the 911 system in the state were brought to light. But what does the Board do from here to fix those issues and make sure the outages are kept to a minimum and that no calls go unanswered? There are a couple of possible solutions.…


Troubles with 911 Part 1

What were to happen if you called 911 and no one answered? Unfortunately, this has happened all too often recently across our state. The 911 centers also known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) have been plagued with outages since January 2013. This subject was brought to my attention during…


Mental Health Gaps Jeopardize Public Safety

This is part I of a three-part article on mental health and severe mental illnesses in North Carolina. Almost unheard of before 1966, mass shootings like the Newtown massacre have become more and more frequent in modern American life. Pundits and politicians alike have been unable to identify the root…


Teen Courts Help NC Youths

One question confronting North Carolina’s criminal justice system more and more is: What should we do for a 16-or-17-year-old who genuinely makes a mistake, learned a lesson and most likely will never make that mistake again?  This year the “Raise the Age” bill (HB 725) was written to take care…


A Day in the Life of a Juvenile Court

A day in the life of a juvenile court … what does it really look like? Is it all about the crazy kids that television dramas portray?


Time Off…But Not for Good Behavior

Why do judges levy prison sentences if the convicted criminals aren’t going to serve the entirety of their punishment? Whatever happened to truth in sentencing?


Anatomy of a Fraud: Inside the Audit of the Raleigh Business and Technology Center

Raleigh News and Observer and WRAL reported on the scandal but their information was based on only a brief summary of the audit but we weren’t content with that. Here's the whole story.


HB 725: Raise the Age Stalls in House

HB 725 Young Offenders Rehabilitation Act – better known as the “Raise the Age” bill stalled in the Long Session this year.


Update to DPS Home Leave Program for Criminals. Are You Still Worried?

The Prison Home Leave program has been modified, according to the media, as of last week.  While some people are resting better knowing that 15-20 of the offenders are no longer eligible, there are some concerns that need to be addressed.  The press release below was sent out on July…

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