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A Day in the Life of a Juvenile Court

A day in the life of a juvenile court … what does it really look like? Is it all about the crazy kids that television dramas portray?


Time Off…But Not for Good Behavior

Why do judges levy prison sentences if the convicted criminals aren’t going to serve the entirety of their punishment? Whatever happened to truth in sentencing?


Anatomy of a Fraud: Inside the Audit of the Raleigh Business and Technology Center

Raleigh News and Observer and WRAL reported on the scandal but their information was based on only a brief summary of the audit but we weren’t content with that. Here's the whole story.


HB 725: Raise the Age Stalls in House

HB 725 Young Offenders Rehabilitation Act – better known as the “Raise the Age” bill stalled in the Long Session this year.


Update to DPS Home Leave Program for Criminals. Are You Still Worried?

The Prison Home Leave program has been modified, according to the media, as of last week.  While some people are resting better knowing that 15-20 of the offenders are no longer eligible, there are some concerns that need to be addressed.  The press release below was sent out on July…


Murderers Get Out of Jail on Weekends

Imagine that one of your loved ones had been murdered and your family had undergone the long ordeal of watching a trial. The murderer has been sentenced and (you think) is in jail for the rest of his life. All of a sudden on a Saturday morning trip to the…


HB 725 – We Already Give Juveniles a Second Chance — Maybe even a Third

HB 725 “Young Offenders Rehabilitation Act” has been heard in a House committee meeting.  HB 725 would “raise the age” from 16 to 18 for someone to be tried as an adult if he or she commits a misdemeanor. While the argument is raised that we need to give our…


Anatomy of ‘Moral Monday’ Protesters

Recent media reports have suggested that the protesters disrupting the General Assembly at “Moral Mondays” represent a cross-section of North Carolina citizens. We decided to investigate that claim. Using arrest records and other public documents, we investigated who really is involved in these protests. The graphics below detail a few…


SB 306: The Racial Justice Act and One Family’s Emotions

SB 306 passed concurrence in the Senate. Civitas has shared many stories of families who are the real victims of the Racial Justice Act. After SB 306 passed through the Senate and House, we began to hear from other families and how the Racial Justice Act affected them. Families know…


‘Moral Mondays’ Getting Murkier

Let’s say you’re an ordinary citizen and you trespass on someone’s property. You come back the next day anyway. You get arrested again, and this time you’re charged with contempt. Wait – what’s that? You’re the Rev. William Barber? Never mind. Please, come inside. The legal situation surrounding weekly protests…

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