Poll Presentations


June 2013 Poll Presentation

In our June poll, registered NC voters were queried about their views on state tax reform.


May 2013 Poll Presentation

In our May poll, Sen. Kay Hagan was virtually tied in a hypothetical election against a generic Republican. Voters also registered their views on state and national issues.


October 2013 Poll Presentation

October 2013 Poll Presentation


August 2013 Poll Presentation

The Civitas Institute’s August Poll Presentation shows the survey of 400 registered, unaffiliated North Carolina voters from Aug. 19-20. This bloc of voters is of growing importance: more than 26 percent of registered voters in the state are unaffiliated.


April 2013 Poll Presentation Slides

The Civitas Institute’s April Poll Presentation focused on registered voters attitudes on tax reform proposals, approval ratings for key leaders, and other timely NC issues. [private] [/private]


July Civitas Poll Lunches: NC Remains a Key State in Campaigns

The July Civitas Poll Lunches — one in Charlotte, one in Raleigh — provided close looks at the political races and voters’ outlooks. At the Raleigh Poll Lunch, the News & Observer’s Rob Christensen observed that NC remains a key state. First, politically and demographically, “North Carolina is Middle America.”…

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