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2004 N.C. Election Analysis

Voter turnout by party, race, gender, and age

Election data can be analyzed by U.S. Congressional, N.C. House and Senate districts. All data are presented in PDF format.

(Find your district on the Board of Elections site.)

Results by U.S. Congressional Districts

Results by N.C. Senate Districts

Results by N.C. House Districts



The election data reports use the following abbreviations:

NCHD – North Carolina House District

NCSD – North Carolina Senate District

CONGRESS– Congressional District

SPLIT – A split precinct is a precinct that has been divided into multiple House, Senate or Congressional districts.


Election results are split into two categories: (1) partisan races and (2) non-partisan races, bonds and constitutional amendments.

Votes in split precincts are approximated by prorating the votes in the precinct using the percentage of currently registered voters in each portion of the precinct who voted in person in the 2006 General Election.

For counties with more than one House, Senate, or Congressional District, votes in most races by absentee, curbside, one-stop, provisional, and transfer ballots are available separately at the county level only.

Data on each race is available in PDF format. Elections data is available on the precinct level for each House District, Senate District and Congressional District.