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2008 Election Analysis

Elections data is available on the precinct level for each House District, Senate District. Data on each race is available in Microsoft Excel and PDF format.

Click here to find your district on the Board of Elections website.

Results by N.C. Senate Districts

Results by N.C. House Districts

Results by U.S. Congressional Districts

The election data reports use the following abbreviations:
county_vtd county + voter tabulation district
NCSD North Carolina Senate District
NCHD North Carolina House District
Congress Congressional District
prct Votes in split precincts are approximated by prorating the votes in the precinct using the percentage of currently registered voters in each portion of the precinct.
pres_dem President Democrat
pres_rep President Republican
pres_lib President Libertarian
ussen_dem US Senate Democrat
ussen_rep US Senate Republican
ussen_lib US Senate Libertarian
Gov_dem Governor Democrat
Gov_lib Governor Libertarian
Gov_rep Governor Republican
Lieut_dem Lieutenant Governor Democrat
Lieut_lib Lieutenant Governor Libertarian
Lieut_rep Lieutenant Governor Republican
Agri_dem Commissioner of Agriculture Democrat
Agri_rep Commissioner of Agriculture Republican
attny_dem Attorney General Democrat
attny_rep Attorney General Republican
aud_dem State Auditor Democrat
aud_rep State Auditor Republican
ins_wi Insurance Commissioner Write – In
ins_dem Insurance Commissioner Democrat
ins_lib Insurance Commissioner Libertarian
ins_rep Insurance Commissioner Republican
lab_dem Commissioner of Labor Democrat
lab_rep Commissioner of Labor Republican
educ_dem Superintendent of Public Instruction Democrat
educ_rep Superintendent of Public Instruction  Republican
sec_dem Secretary of State
sec_rep Secretary of State
treas_dem State Treasurer
treas_rep State Treasurer
strtdem Straight Party Democrat 
strtrep Straight Party Republican 
strtlib Straight Party Libertarian