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Civitas Partisan Index: State House Districts

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2011 CPI For State House Districts

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Insets for Mecklenburg & Wake Counties

NCHD CPI 2010 Winner 2010 Party
61 R+9 Faircloth Jr Republican
62 R+7 Blust Republican
63 R+4 Bordsen Democrat
64 R+6 Ingle Republican
65 R+3 Jones Jr Unaffiliated
66 D+7 Goodman Democrat
67 R+13 Burr Republican
68 R+16 Horn Republican
69 R+14 McGuirt Democrat
70 R+20 Hurley Republican
71 D+21 Womble Democrat
72 D+19 Parmon Democrat
73 R+18 Brown Republican
74 R+9 Folwell Republican
75 R+8 McGee Republican
76 R+14 Steen II Republican
77 R+10 Warren Republican
78 R+20 Brubaker Republican
79 R+15 Howard Republican
80 R+19 Dockham Republican
81 R+12 Brown Republican
82 R+9 Barnhart Republican
83 R+9 Johnson Republican
84 R+11 Frye Republican
85 R+15 Gillespie Republican
86 R+6 Blackwell Republican
87 R+13 Starnes Republican
88 R+9 Hollo Republican
89 R+15 Setzer Republican
90 R+10 Stevens Republican
91 R+8 Holloway Republican
92 R+2 McCormick Republican
93 R+3 Jordan Republican
94 R+13 Randleman Republican
95 R+15 Mills Republican
96 R+13 Hilton Republican
97 R+16 Rhyne Jr Republican
98 R+11 Tillis Republican
99 D+25 Moore Democrat
100 D+17 Cotham Democrat
101 D+19 Earle Democrat
102 D+28 Carney Democrat
103 R+9 Brawley Jr Republican
104 R+12 Samuelson Republican
105 R+13 Killian Republican
106 D+29 Alexander Democrat
107 D+23 Alexander Democrat
108 R+11 Torbett Republican
109 R+9 Current Sr Republican
110 R+9 Hastings Republican
111 R+7 Moore Republican
112 R+8 Hager Republican
113 R+8 Guice Republican
114 D+20 Fisher Democrat
115 R+1 Keever Democrat
116 R+5 Moffitt Republican
117 R+11 McGrady Republican
118 R+1 Rapp Democrat
119 D+4 Haire Democrat
120 R+10 West Republican
NCHD CPI 2010 Winner 2010 Party
1 R+3 Owens Jr Democrat
2 D+1 Spear Democrat
3 R+3 Sanderson Republican
4 R+8 Dixon Republican
5 D+20 Mobley Democrat
6 R+1 Cook Republican
7 D+11 Bryant Democrat
8 R+3 Warren Democrat
9 R+3 McLawhorn Democrat
10 R+9 LaRoque Republican
11 D+7 Sager Republican
12 D+11 Wainwright Democrat
13 R+11 McElraft Republican
14 R+5 Cleveland Republican
15 R+6 Shepard Republican
16 R+7 Justice Republican
17 R+9 Iler Republican
18 D+12 Hamilton Democrat
19 R+9 McComas Republican
20 R+9 Hill Democrat
21 D+16 Bell Democrat
22 D+2 Brisson Democrat
23 D+18 Tolson Democrat
24 D+23 Farmer-Butterfield Democrat
25 R+8 Collins Republican
26 R+8 Daughtry Republican
27 D+20 Wray Democrat
28 R+12 Langdon Jr Republican
29 D+32 Hall Democrat
30 D+17 Luebke Democrat
31 D+29 Michaux Jr Democrat
32 D+19 Crawford Jr Democrat
33 D+28 Gill Democrat
34 D+9 Martin Democrat
35 R+6 Weiss Democrat
36 R+8 Dollar Republican
37 R+8 Stam Republican
38 D+24 Ross Democrat
39 D+4 Jackson Democrat
40 R+8 Avila Republican
41 R+5 Murry Republican
42 D+20 Lucas Democrat
43 D+17 Floyd Democrat
44 D+4 Parfitt Democrat
45 R+2 Glazier Democrat
46 D+9 Pridgen Republican
47 D+19 Graham Democrat
48 D+21 Pierce Democrat
49 R+6 Bradley Jr Republican
50 D+5 Faison Democrat
51 R+4 Stone Republican
52 R+12 Boles Jr Republican
53 R+5 Lewis Republican
54 D+5 Hackney Democrat
55 R+6 Wilkins Jr Democrat
56 D+23 Insko Democrat
57 D+21 Harrison Democrat
58 D+23 Adams Democrat
59 R+9 Jeffus Democrat
60 D+23 Brandon Jr Democrat