October 2010 Poll Results

This poll of 600 likely general election voters in North Carolina was conducted October 18-20, 2010 by Tel Opinion Research of Alexandria, Virginia. All respondents were part of a fully representative sample of registered voters in North Carolina. For purposes of this study, voters we interviewed had to have voted in either the 2004, 2006 or 2008 general elections or were newly registered voters since 2008.

The confidence interval associated with a sample of this size is such that: 95 percent of the time, results from 600 interviews (registered voters) will be within +-4% of the “True Values.” True Values refer to the results obtained if it were possible to interview every person in North Carolina who had voted in either the 2004, 2006 or 2008 general elections or were newly registered voters since 2008.

  1. How likely are you to vote in the 2010 November election for national and state offices:
    Already voted 8%
    Definitely Voting 70%
    Very Likely 22%
  2. In general, would you say you are more or less interested in the upcoming 2010 elections than you were in the 2008 presidential election?
    More 37%
    Same 45%
    Not sure 1%
  3. How interested are you in the election for offices such as US Senate, Congress, and North Carolina state offices? Please rate your interest on a scale of 1-10 with a 1 representing no interest at all and a 10 being extremely interested.
    1-5 11%
    6-7 16%
    8-9 31%
    10 42%
    Not sure 10%
  4. Do you feel things in North Carolina are generally headed in the right direction or have gotten off on the wrong track?
    Right direction 25%
    Wrong track 57%
    Not sure 18%
  5. If the election for North Carolina State Legislature were held today, would you be voting:
    Democratic 37%
    Republican 44%
    Neither 5%
    Not sure 14%
  6. When you think about voting for a member of the State Legislature, which of the following issues or problems should be their highest priority?
    Jobs & Improving the Economy 45%
    Holding down taxes 9%
    Reduce Spending 8%
    Reducing health care costs 14%
    Illegal immigration 5%
    Improving public education 15%
    Improve roads & highways 1%
    Not sure 3%
  7. If the election for United States Senate were held today, for whom would you vote: Republican Richard Burr, Democrat Elaine Marshall, or Libertarian Mike Beitler?
    Burr 44%
    Marshall 34%
    Beitler 4%
    Not sure 18%
  8. Do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president?
    Strongly approve 21%
    Somewhat approve 26%
    Somewhat disapprove 15%
    Strongly disapprove 31%
    Not sure 6%
  9. Regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of the President’s performance, do you trust him to do what is right for America?
    Yes 52%
    No 42%
    Not sure 6%
  10. Would you agree or disagree with the following statement: I have confidence in our state government to solve problems effectively.
    Agree 39%
    Disagree 50%
    Not sure 12%
  11. When you think about the changes you want to see in the state Legislature, do you think the Democrats or the Republicans are more likely to make those changes?
    Republicans 34%
    Democrats 32%
    Neither 20%
    Not Sure 15%
  12. Which party is better at combatting corruption in government?
    Republicans 22%
    Democrats 23%
    Neither 40%
    Not Sure 15%
  13. Democrats control the Presidency and Congress, and in North Carolina the Governor’s Office and Legislature. Which of the following would you most like to see in the November elections: Democrats controlling both, Republicans controlling both, Republicans controlling Congress and the Democrats controlling the State Legislature, or Democrats controlling Congress and the Republicans controlling the State Legislature?
    Dems both 32%
    Reps both 32%
    Congress Rep/State Leg Dem 8%
    Congress Dem/State Leg Rep 7%
    Not Sure 22%
  14. Should the North Carolina Legislature regulate and tax video poker or make sure it is banned?
    Regulate & tax 44%
    Ban 37%
    Not sure 19%
  15. Which of the following will be most important to you in deciding how you will vote in November?
    Dissatisfaction with Dems/Obama 19%
    Dissatisfaction with Republicans 13%
    Party Loyalty 8%
    Out of Control Spending 24%
    Deficits at Federal Level 10%
    Tax Increases at State Level 11%
    Not sure 15%
  16. Who is most responsible for the recession that our nation is currently experiencing?
    Government 64%
    Business 22%
    Not sure 14%
  17. If Republicans win control of the North Carolina legislature, what action would you like them to take first?
    Create Jobs 19%
    Improve Economy 5%
    Control Spending 8%
    Cut Taxes 8%
    Health Care Costs 6%
    Deal with Illegal Immigration 1%
    Help Public Education 5%
    Deal with Budget 4%
    Government Corruption 4%
    Fight for the People 2%
    Other 38%
  18. If Republicans win control of the US Congress, what action would you like them to take first?
    Create Jobs 13%
    Improve Economy 5%
    Control Spending 6%
    Cut Taxes 8%
    Health Care Costs 9%
    Deal with Illegal Immigration 2%
    Help Public Education 2%
    Deal with Budget 2%
    Government Corruption 5%
    Fight for the People 2%
    Other 2%
    Not Sure 43%
  19. Would you say you are a Liberal, Moderate or Conservative in your political beliefs?
    Very Liberal 9%
    Somewhat Liberal 13%
    Somewhat Conservative 20%
    Very Conservative 26%
    Moderate 30%
    Not sure 2%
  20. More specifically on fiscal issues, would you call yourself:
    Fiscal Liberal 13%
    Fiscal Conservative 55%
    Moderate 23%
    Other 2%
    Not sure 7%
  21. More specifically on social issues, would you call yourself:
    Social Liberal 23%
    Social Conservative 48%
    Moderate 22%
    Other 1%
    Not sure 6%
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