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Dee ParkLike many in the conservative grassroots movement, Dee Park’s desire to decrease the size of government and reign in excessive spending motivates her, despite keeping a busy schedule. A self-described “Constitutional conservative American,” Park, Chair of the Moore TEA Citizens group, spent many of her early years in Vermont where she read a great deal on history and government.

Her political experience began on the Montpelier School Board where she served as Vice Chair and Chief Negotiator for the school board. And while educated on political figures and government, it was not until Park moved to North Carolina six years ago that she became politically active at the local level. Upon getting involved, she recognized a need for better communication and online activism and now maintains numerous websites for various Republican groups. However, in 2009 everything changed.

“We’ve followed Washington’s growing liberal spending habits for years. We looked for men and women who would follow basic principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets and strong national security,” Park said. “Concern led to alarm and alarm suggested action.”

This call to action drew 1,000 people to the Southern Pines Post Office on April 15, 2009, intent on stopping reckless spending and needless government policies. Moore TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Citizens was created and remains active, hosting monthly meetings, educational seminars, and rallies to teach North Carolinians about the “principles and bedrock beliefs that led to the development of the Constitution.”

After what Park calls “huge successes in 2010 at the polls,” this group is not slowing down their pace. They are networking daily with other Tea Party and grassroots groups across the state, in addition to working alongside existing political parties who now have leadership positions held by Tea Party members. Looking at 2012, Park says the group’s primary focus is to ensure citizens are registered to vote and encourage qualified individuals to run for local seats.

The enthusiasm from concerned voters and desire to get involved has been surprising, Park shared. Surrounding herself with a group of “incredibly talented and dedicated people,” she has helped Moore TEA Citizens become one of the most active and engaged Tea Party groups in the state.

“We are raising and addressing issues as we travel to Raleigh and Washington to meet with members of Congress,” Park explained. “We will not stop! As our theme song says, ‘We Ain’t Goin’ Away!’”

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