HB 884: Because Working Families Have Too Much Money!

Anyone who has gone to the grocery store or the gas station in recent months has likely felt the pain of rising prices. No doubt, those having the most difficulty reaching deeper into their pockets to pay more for these goods are the poor and working families trying to make ends meet.

With this as a backdrop, Garland Pierce (D-Hoke) and Larry Hall (D-Durham) have introduced House Bill 884 Extend Temporary Sales Tax Increase 2 Years. As its name implies, this bill would change the expiration date for the “temporary” 1-cent increase in the statewide sales tax rate scheduled to expire July 1 this year to July 1 2013.

Amidst panic caused by dwindling revenue during the early stages of the recession in 2009, the state approved – among other tax hikes – a two-year increase in the statewide sales tax of one cent. The sales tax increase was estimated to cost taxpayers more than $1 billion this year alone.

Representatives Pierce and Hall apparently think that North Carolinians already struggling to pay their bills and to afford spiking gas and food prices should fork over an additional billion or more each year for the next two years to help them avoid implementing long-overdue and sensible restraints to the growth of the state budget.

Because it raises taxes, and does so at a time when people can least afford it, HB 884 is this week’s Bad Bill of the Week.

This article was posted in Bad Bill of the Week by Brian Balfour on May 6, 2011 at 3:13 PM.

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  • 1

    Frank Maturo
    Frank Maturo May 11, 2011 at 7:23

    Throw the bums out!

  • 2

    Martha Cable
    Martha Cable May 11, 2011 at 7:31

    North Carolina has far too many freeloaders on state aid. One family has 3 adults, two are able-bodied to have fun and go places, but was in a wreck years ago, and have been on “disability” ever since, yet can’t help their mother, 2 miles down the road with little housechores, so the state pays someone else to do this, while she is ALSO on disability. The most disgusting state I have ever seen. Oh, and NC gives the illegals everything they need too! The women buy the groceries with the state card, while the men are in line behind them buying all the corona and wine with a wad of cash. Then they go out into the parking lot and get into a shiney, tricked-out vehicle. Are y’all fed up about this yet?

  • 3

    Frank May 11, 2011 at 7:52

    Do what a lot of people are doing and move to a different state, one that does not have the state income tax and get an 8% pay raise.

  • 4

    Michael Dowling
    Michael Dowling May 11, 2011 at 16:28

    We should tax the Pope’s NC holding more. Instead of financing the basic needs of an NC society on the backs of the middle and lower income folks. The Pope’s make enough to keep you guys going spreading your corporate socialism throughout the state.

    Francis, you can do better. You are a former Marine, they stand up for their country, all citizens not just the wealthy. Think about it.

  • 5

    Elizabeth May 11, 2011 at 21:42

    I am sick and tired of supporting anyone who wants to cross our bourders. Who in this state decided that we would give illegals my hard earned money. Send them back to where ever they came from. Before I am broke.

  • 6

    Larry May 15, 2011 at 13:18

    Temporary tax. Now there’s a contradiction in terms.

    Tax and spend liberals (some with an R after their names, too) are loathe to give even a penny back to the People.

    Aside from the fact that their lips are moving, you always know a politician is lying when he tells you he wants to increase a tax “temporarily”.

    We’ll keep voting them out and voting in new ones that have the common sense to live within their means without taxing us to death.

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