2012 Legislative Recap

The 2012 North Carolina legislative short session has come to a close, concluding the first biennium in over 100 years that both chambers of the General Assembly were controlled by Republicans. The Civitas Institute has taken the opportunity to review the promises kept and opportunities missed in this historic session. Topics include: budget and taxes, voter ID, education, healthcare, and several others.

2011-2012 Veto Override Chart

  • HB 950 Modify 2011 Appropriations Act
  • SB 820 Clean Energy & Economic Security Act
  • SB 416 Amend Death Penalty Procedures
  • HB 7 Comm. Colleges/Opt Out of Fed’l Loan Prgm
  • HB 200 Appropriations Act of 2011
  • SB 33 Medical Liability Reforms
  • HB 854 Woman’s Right To Know Act
  • SB 496 Medicaid and Health Choice Provider Req.
  • SB 532 ESC/Jobs Reform
  • SB 781 Regulatory Reform Act
  • SB 727 No Dues Check Off for School Empl.
  • SB 13 Balanced Budget Act of 2011
  • HB 2 Healthcare Freedom Act
  • SB 265 State Health Plan/Appropriations and Transfer
  • HB 383 Extent UI Benefits/Continuing Resolution
  • HB 351 Restore Confidence in Government Act
  • HB 482 Water Violations Waivers
  • SB 709 Energy Jobs Act
  • SB 9 No Discriminatory Purpose in Death Penalty
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    maryze foust
    maryze foust Jul 25, 2012 at 12:20

    I believe that NC is on the right track… We still need to cut out some of the senseless taxes, but I realize right now it is much needed to keep us on the track to recovering from the Perdue and obama abuse of our country..But please don’t give up on stopping illegal voting by requiring voter ID.. that is extremely important .. as so much illegal voting is being done by the liberal supporters..Socialists and communists get into high places in government this way.. Keep up the good work..

  • 2

    curtis Jul 28, 2012 at 22:10

    A good job, the senate & house are making progress with a governor thats more interested in the state than her party
    they should really accomplish something next term.


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