Civitas: McCrory Lead Narrows with Libertarian in Poll

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July 5, 2012
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Raleigh, N.C. – The newest Civitas Flash Poll shows that Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory loses much of his lead when respondents can choose Libertarian candidate Barbara Howe.

McCrory, the former mayor of Charlotte, was 10 percentage points ahead of Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, the Democrats’ choice, when they clashed head-to-head in the regular May Civitas Poll. In the Flash Poll taken June 29-July 1, however, McCrory led Dalton by the slim margin of 46 percent to 44 percent. Granville County resident Howe was the choice of 7 percent of those polled.

“Although the polls differ somewhat in format, the data suggests that a significant portion of McCrory’s support shifted to Howe when given the chance,” Civitas President Francis X. De Luca said. “To win those votes in November, McCrory likely will have to persuade libertarian-minded voters that he too wants to and can rein in out-of-control government.”

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Full text of question:

North Carolina will also elect a Governor. If the election for Governor were today, would you vote for Republican Pat McCrory? Democrat Walter Dalton? Or Libertarian Barbara Howe?

46% Pat McCrory (R)
44% Walter Dalton (D)
7% Barbara Howe (L)
3% Undecided


For crosstabs, click here.

About the Poll: 600 adults from the entire state of North Carolina were interviewed by SurveyUSA 06/29/12 through 07/01/12, exclusively for the JW Pope Civitas Institute of Raleigh. Of the adults, 558 were identified by SurveyUSA as being registered to vote and were asked about the elections for President and North Carolina governor. Of the adults, 509 were identified by SurveyUSA as following news stories about the Supreme Court decision on health care, and were asked questions about that ruling.

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