Bad Bill of the Week: H.B. 1739

both HB 1739 and SB 1180, “Implement Gender Neutral Terms,” seek to rectify the supposed discrimination associated with using non-inclusive language. Rep. Deborah Ross (D-Wake) and Sen. Fletcher Hartsell (R-Cabarrus) are the primary sponsors of the respective bills that would amend the North Carolina General Statutes to replace gendered terms…


Bad Bill of the Week: S.B. 1378

Let’s spend our way out of this recession; that’s the thoroughly discredited but ever-present message behind SB 1378, “Build North Carolina’s Future Act.” The legislation authorizes the state to borrow $451 million to build engineering schools at NC State University and North Carolina A&T State University that will also provide…


Trent Seibert and Michael Barone on Viewpoints Radio

Listen to Lockwood Phillips interview two of the Wilmington Tea Party speakers, Trent Seibert and Michael Barone, on the Viewpoints radio show.


Lockwood Phillips on the Wilmington Tea Party Summit

Listen to Viewpoints Radio on the Wilmington Tea Party Summit.


Francis DeLuca on Viewpoints Radio Show 05-07-10

Francis DeLuca on Viewpoints Radio Show 05-07-10


April 2010 Poll Results

April 2010 Poll Results


Campaign Training Classes

Civitas will be hosting candidate and activist training in the near future. Follow the link to make sure you are the first to know when our classes begin.

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