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Why All U.S. States Should Eliminate The Income Tax

This article originally appeared in Forbes Magazine. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback have all called for their states to eliminate their income tax and replace it with a sales tax over the past week. They were joined yesterday morning by North Carolina,…


Francis De Luca on the Senate Agenda [UNC-TV]



NC SBE – Who is really in charge and who do they work for?

The NC SBE is the bureaucratic staff that dominates both the election machinery and increasingly the way campaigns are conducted in North Carolina.


Will Republicans Become a Lasting Majority in North Carolina?

As the rest of the South moved solidly Republican in recent decades, North Carolina held out, remaining reliably Democratic at the state and local level except for brief fits and starts. Election 2012 may have changed that — but Republican leaders will have to work hard to make the change…


Francis De Luca on Capital Tonight


Francis De Luca on Viewpoints Radio

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Francis De Luca on Campaign Fundraising [Capital Tonight]


Francis De Luca on the Wilmington Ballpark [WWAY3]


Francis De Luca on Viewpoints Radio

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