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Portrait of a Hit Piece

Bill Moyers – for many years an advocate on television for liberal causes — recently gave North Carolina a lesson in how to disguise bias and distortions as news, and we should pay attention to how he did it. Moyers & Company, his outfit, recently put out a TV/online program…


Nanny State Increases Day Care Costs

Day care prices across the nation have been rising at a dramatic clip for years. In many cases, the cost to parents for a toddler in day care is more expensive than sending their teen to a high-quality private high school. But salaries for professional childcare workers – the largest…


North Carolina’s 2013 Legislative Session Recap: Landmark Gains For Conservatism

As the dust settles on the landmark 2013 North Carolina legislative session, conservatives can look upon the accomplishments of the state legislature and find much to celebrate.


2013-14 State Budget: Modest Spending Increase, Significant Legislative Changes

Nearly a month into the 2013-14 fiscal year, Gov. Pat McCrory is set to sign the state budget into law today. The budget spends a total of $20.6 billion, up about 2.5 percent from last year’s $20.18 billion budget, and would mark a 39 percent increase in the state budget over ten…


Money Monday, Not Moral Monday

Liberal protesters at the General Assembly have been claiming they are acting in the name of morality, but a new Civitas study shows the role played by money – more than $100 million in state funds.


Giving NC a Road Map

“Are we there yet?” Any parent who has taken long road trips with young children has likely heard that phrase countless times. To the children, the only thing that matters is how quickly they arrive at the destination. To the driver navigating the highways, off-ramps and country roads, however, how…


N.C. Senate Responds with Bold Tax Plan, Eliminates Major Growth Obstacle

“Civitas has advocated for the elimination of income taxes for several months now, and it is encouraging to see the Senate step up and eliminate what many economists believe to be the state tax most harmful to economic growth: the corporate income tax,” said Civitas Institute Policy Director Brian Balfour.


FY 2013-14 House Budget Plan: Spending Similar to Senate, Differs on Tax Reform and School Choice

The North Carolina House unveiled its two year spending plan on Sunday night. Total spending for FY 2013-14 would come to $20.6 billion – virtually identical to the Senate’s budget proposal and Gov. McCrory’s budget released in March.


The Right Move for the SBI

Reform of a state agency many have heard of but most know little about, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), is one of the provisions drawing attention in a proposed state budget passed by the North Carolina Senate. This budget continues the work of making state government finances…


We Are All in the IRS’ Crosshairs Now

Maybe it was just a coincidence that after I started to work for “North Carolina’s Conservative Voice” my income taxes were audited. Maybe. Maybe not. I’ll never know one way or the other. That’s why still-unfolding IRS scandals are so ominous. As I’m sure you know, the Internal Revenue Service…

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