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  • A Blueprint for Budget Reform

    The following article is the first installment of a four-part series tackling the issue of long-overdue budget reform in North Carolina. This article outlines some broad measures that would provide much-need checks and restraints on state budget growth, while the following three articles detail more specific reforms that could save hardworking North Carolina taxpayers billions […]

  • What the Tax-Free Weekend Can Teach Us

    Did you venture out to purchase school supplies for your aspiring young scholar during our state’s tax-free weekend? Or, perhaps your child’s school days have long passed and you simply wanted to acquire a new computer without incurring a sales tax. Either way, North Carolina recently held its annual sales tax holiday, during which the […]

  • State Budget Increases Spending by Half a Billion Over Last Year

    For the second year in a row, Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed the state budget approved by the General Assembly. And also for the second straight year, the General Assembly garnered the three-fifths majority vote in both chambers needed to override her veto. The final FY 2012-13 state budget bill tweaks the second year of the […]

  • Don’t Forget About the Other Taxes in Obamacare

    The big debate about whether Obamacare imposes a “penalty” or a “tax” for not buying health insurance shouldn’t blind us to a much more expensive problem: the half-a-trillion dollars Americans will be paying with 19 new or higher taxes in the health care takeover. Much was made about last month’s U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring […]

  • 2012-13 Conference Committee Budget Closely Resembles Senate Budget Plan

    Conference Budget: $20.18 B Senate Plan: $20.15 B House Plan: $20.28 B Perdue’s Plan: $20.91 B FY 2011-12 Budget: $19.68 B Spending approved for FY 2012-13 last year: $19.94 B The “compromise” budget bill crafted by the conference committee was approved by both chambers of the state legislature Thursday, meaning the bill now moves to […]

  • 2012-13 Senate Budget Proposal: Slight Improvements over House Plan

    The North Carolina Senate’s recommended adjustments to the state budget for FY 2012-13 would increase spending by $210 million over the amount approved in last year’s biennial budget, and by $470 million over the current 2011-12 spending total. The Senate’s spending proposal, however, is smaller than the House’s and Gov. Perdue’s budget plans. Senate Plan: […]

  • House Budget Plan: The Rest of the Story

    Last Friday, Civitas analyzed the budget proposals put forth by the five major state General Fund appropriation committees that make up the majority of the General Fund. The analysis found plans that would increase spending in those agencies by $436 million above the spending level approved for the coming budget year in last year’s biennial […]

  • House Budget Plan: What Belt Tightening?

    In 2011 North Carolina lawmakers passed a two-year state budget which legislators are reviewing this year. The current budget has built in increases of roughly a quarter billion dollars for the second year, and decisions were made based on revenue forecasts at that time. The House budget proposal, however, includes another $436 million in additional […]

  • State Government Price Tag Soaring

    Is your family budget being pinched by the rising cost of living? Gas, food and utilities taking a bigger bite out of your wallet? If you’re like me, you are reminded every trip to the grocery store, every stop at the gas station and every month when the bills are due that your paycheck just […]

  • Estate Tax May Take Family Farms

    Members of North Carolina’s Revenue Laws Committee are considering drafted legislation to repeal the state’s death tax. North Carolina’s death tax is tied to the federal estate tax. Thus, as of Jan. 1, 2013, both the federal and the state tax will be applied to estates with assets of $1 million or more (the previous […]

  • Rep. Faison’s Expensive and Impractical JOBS Plan

    In the wake of Governor Perdue’s surprise announcement that she will not run for re-election, Representative Bill Faison (D-Orange) announced his intention to run for governor January 28th in Greensboro, NC. Rep. Faison has recently been touring the state and calling into question Gov. Perdue’s leadership, causing many to speculate he had interest in the […]

  • Bev Perdue: Hollywood’s Favorite Governor

    Picture these two people: one is a wealthy Hollywood studio executive looking to film another Disney blockbuster and add to the billions in revenue for his company, the other is a single mother wanting to buy a Disney movie from the discount bin for her child’s birthday. Which one does Gov. Perdue think deserves a […]

  • Time to Ditch the Vicious “Spend and Tax” Roller Coaster

    Roller coasters at amusement parks are fun. Taking North Carolina’s state budget on a roller coaster ride, however, is highly damaging and disruptive to the state’s economy and core government services. It’s time North Carolina budget writers choose a smoother path. Examining the last three decades of state budgets in North Carolina reveals an indisputable […]

  • Perdue and Previous Budget Writers Raided Disaster Relief Funds

    As one of the most devastating hurricanes in nearly a decade slammed the Carolina coast, few were aware that Gov. Bev Perdue, former Gov. Mike Easley, and the former legislative leadership had raided $65 million from North Carolina’s Disaster Relief Reserve Fund over the past three years. The aggressive seizure of this designated pot of […]

  • In Fiscal Year 2012 NC Local Governments Plan to Borrow Nearly $750 Million, Most Without Voter Approval

    Taxpayers Would be the Borrower and the Lender in Some of the Loans At a time when many people are calling for a cut back in government spending local governments are telling North Carolina lawmakers they are making plans to borrow and spend almost three quarters of a billion dollars. This information is being provided […]

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