Perdue Bringing “Solyndra” Politics to North Carolina

Documents obtained by the Civitas Institute suggest Gov. Bev Perdue is attempting to strong-arm North Carolina’s three major utility companies into supplying more expensive energy to their customers in the northeastern part of the state. In a political power-play to reward big business reminiscent of the handling of the Solyndra…


North Carolina’s War on Plastic

North Carolina’s public enemy number one: plastic. State lawmakers have embarked on a full frontal attack on plastic throughout the state ranging from banning plastic bottles in state-wide landfills to reducing plastic bags in the Outer Banks.


Energy and Environment: How the Legislature Views Its Necessity

The push to make the words green, energy and efficient all on equal terms was clearly evident during the 2009 General Assembly long session. Some legislators are more vocal about transitioning everything in the state towards a “green” economy more than others, which is revealed in the numerous bills submitted…


Energy and Environment: Higher Prices, No Benefits

The recently completed two-year budget cycle (2007-08) was marked by legislation that will make energy more expensive and do little, if anything, to protect the environment. The following highlights some of the major things our General Assembly did and didn’t do over the biennium:


Triangle Recycling is Waste, Theft, or Both

Mandatory recycling programs don’t bother most people. But if you thought you were being forced to do something dumb or were getting ripped off—wouldn’t you be troubled? When it comes to municipal recycling in the Triangle, there are only two possible scenarios—either the things we recycle really are just garbage,…


Talking about Energy: Drill Here, Drill Now

If we want gas prices to be lower, we have to increase supply. People are already responding to high prices by reducing their fuel consumption—and it hurts. We also have to increase our domestic supply. Therefore, we need to drill domestically and do it now. Period. This reality reflects the…


Talking about Energy in N.C.

With gas prices above $4.00 a gallon, citizens are looking to state leaders for answers and relief. On Wednesday, July 9th 2008, the Civitas Institute will hold an information breakfast - “Talking about Energy in N.C.” - in which we’ll talk about realistic energy policy and communicating options to a…


North Carolina: Save Energy, End Recycling

How can the state of North Carolina do its part to lower gas prices? We should put a moratorium on recycling program. That’s right. Stop recycling.


Where’s the Beef (uh, Warming)?

Where's the Beef (uh, Warming)?


State Has Made a Religion out of Recycling

Cue music. Julia stared blankly from her jail cell. She thought about the bottle that landed her there… not what was in the bottle, the bottle itself. Julia didn’t get a DUI. She failed to recycle. Now she’s paying in hard time. Thanks to a new statewide law, these are…

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