Von Spakovsky: How Sanctuary Policies Lead to Crime

Von Spakovsky: How Sanctuary Policies Lead to Crime

This article by Hans von Spakovsky on "sanctuary cities" is important because the NC legislature is considering a bill to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.


Immigration Reform Long Time in Coming, Long Ways to Go

  While not on the Republican’s “100 Days” 10-point legislative agenda when they swept the General Assembly in November, immigration reform still proved to be a major issue in both the House and Senate. In between heated legislative battles over subjects ranging from taxes to tanning beds, several bills were…


NC Senate Immigration Bill Gives Tacit Support to Arizona

North Carolina has followed suit in drafting immigration legislation in the wake of the recent Arizona illegal immigration law that enables the state to deal with this growing problem.


20 Changes For 2010: Illegal Immigrants & Community Colleges

The eleventh recommendation in the Civitas Institute Agenda “20 Changes for 2010: A Primer for State Reform” focuses on ending the admission of illegal immigrants to North Carolina community colleges.


NC Sheriffs Still Reporting Illegals

Despite recent efforts by the federal government to restrain local law enforcement from using the 287 (g) program to identify illegal aliens for deportation, North Carolina sheriffs are still reporting the presence of illegal aliens who are booked in their jail.


No Places for Illegal Immigrants

The State Board of the N.C. Community Colleges System is looking to change its policy to allow the admission of illegal immigrants -- again. If the board approves the new policy (currently, a recommendation from its policy committee), it will be the fifth change in nine years. While the board's…


2009 Session Legislative Recap Series: Immigration

The North Carolina General Assembly continues to ignore one of the most important issues facing the state. Despite the introduction of several bills that would help solve some of the problems associated with illegal immigration in North Carolina, lawmakers in the legislative leadership closed their eyes and hoped the problems…


Jeff Mixon Talks to Tara Servatius on Illegal Immigration – 6-26-09

Jeff Mixon Talks to Tara Servatius on Illegal Immigration - 6-26-09


Immigration Update From the North Carolina General Assembly

Business growth over the last decade in North Carolina (prior to the current economic situation) has brought a corresponding growth in the number of illegal aliens in the state. Civitas Institute opinion polls have consistently shown a significant level of concern amongst the state’s voters about how state government should…


How Much Is The Rule of Law Worth?

It is a commonplace these days to blame – or justify – everything on the bad economy. Need to nationalize the banks? Well, it’s a bad economy. Need to print up trillions of dollars in new debt? It’s the bad economy. Forgot your wife’s birthday; it’s the economy.

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