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Portrait of a Hit Piece

Bill Moyers – for many years an advocate on television for liberal causes — recently gave North Carolina a lesson in how to disguise bias and distortions as news, and we should pay attention to how he did it. Moyers & Company, his outfit, recently put out a TV/online program…

Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice?

Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice?

Which North Carolina politicians made the respective lists?

Ten New Laws Passed in 2013 You Should Know About

Ten New Laws Passed in 2013 You Should Know About

Ten New Laws Passed in 2013 You Should Know About The 2013 North Carolina state legislative session was a memorable one. The passage of historic and long-overdue reforms to state taxes, election laws and education made headlines throughout the year. This article is not intended to recap those highly publicized…


Troubles With 911 Part II: The Solutions

Last week the issues surrounding the 911 system in the state were brought to light. But what does the Board do from here to fix those issues and make sure the outages are kept to a minimum and that no calls go unanswered? There are a couple of possible solutions.…


Troubles with 911 Part 1

What were to happen if you called 911 and no one answered? Unfortunately, this has happened all too often recently across our state. The 911 centers also known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) have been plagued with outages since January 2013. This subject was brought to my attention during…


Academic Freedom or Shrill Partisanship?

Gene Nichol, a UNC Law School professor, goes over the top in his invective. By Francis X. DeLuca and Jane S. Shaw (Editor’s note: This article is being simultaneously posted on the Civitas Institute and the Pope Center for Higher Education websites. On October 21 it was updated with a note…


Let the Reader Beware: NC Health News’ Political Agenda

Hidden agendas can be dangerous, particularly when the goal is to influence public opinion with political attacks in the guise of impartial journalism. Recently, a supposedly “independent, not-for-profit news organization” has stepped into the public arena. NC Health News promises to “provide crucial information about health care in North Carolina,”…


North Carolina’s 2013 Legislative Session Recap: Landmark Gains For Conservatism

As the dust settles on the landmark 2013 North Carolina legislative session, conservatives can look upon the accomplishments of the state legislature and find much to celebrate.


Money Monday, Not Moral Monday

Liberal protesters at the General Assembly have been claiming they are acting in the name of morality, but a new Civitas study shows the role played by money – more than $100 million in state funds.


HB 725 – We Already Give Juveniles a Second Chance — Maybe even a Third

HB 725 “Young Offenders Rehabilitation Act” has been heard in a House committee meeting.  HB 725 would “raise the age” from 16 to 18 for someone to be tried as an adult if he or she commits a misdemeanor. While the argument is raised that we need to give our…

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