Counties Eligible for Supplemental Lottery Revenue

(Supplement Nearly Doubles Lottery School Construction Funds for Most of the 50 Counties That Receive It)

  • 65 percent of the money is distributed to all counties based on school enrollment (ADM)
  • 35 percent of the money is distributed only to counties with effective tax rates above the state average, also by ADM (this is the lottery supplement)

Because approximately half the counties in the state can be above the state average, the supplement is only available to roughly 50 counties. As counties change their tax rates, they influence which counties receive the supplement both by changing the state average and by changing their place in the rankings.

Borderline counties are those with effective tax rates within 5 percent of the state average. They are the counties most likely to gain or lose eligibility based on tax decisions in their own and other counties.

Data source: NC Department of Public Instruction, Public School Clearinghouse.


For a printable, high resolution version of this map, click on the link to the pdf file below.

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