Repeal Obamacare Now!

For the first time in history, Americans will be forced to purchase something simply for existing and breathing. The unjust Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, is the product of political corruption and backroom deals. It will lead to financial ruin for our country and infringes upon the very freedoms on which America was founded.

The Supreme Court may have ruled against us but the fight is not over. We will not tolerate a government with no limits on its power seeking to control our every decision, especially those made privately between a patient and doctor.

We demand that our elected officials and especially our President recognize this intrusion into the private life of every American and work to put an end to it. We will not stop until this federal healthcare takeover is fully and completely repealed.

Make your voice heard! Sign the Civitas Repeal Obamacare Now! petition

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