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Civitas’ Election Eve Preview is back!

We will have the latest polling results and experts on hand to dissect the results, and give us an inside look into what the numbers mean.

NC Spends $150K per High School Diploma. Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth?

How much of your money is spent to educate one high school graduate in North Carolina? $50,000? $75,000? Our new analysis shows that North Carolina taxpayers spend about $150,000 for each student who receives a high school diploma. That amount doesn't even include capital costs and other major expenses.

Waste of the Week: The North Carolina Symphony

The North Carolina Symphony plays to audiences across the state. Shows vary in nature from holiday themes to child-friendly performances to movie scores. But one theme the Symphony consistently plays to taxpayers is “show me the money.” State taxpayers have supported the N.C. Symphony for several decades, with support of…

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Nov 03

Election Eve Preview

Please join us for a special event! Election Eve Preview 2014: What Will Happen and Why It Matters? Civitas’ Election Eve Preview is back! Will Thom Tillis have a new mailing address in DC? What will the new makeup of the General Assembly look like? Find out - in some…