The Education Budget: Three Things You Should Know

Those who watch state government have had plenty to talk about since the General Assembly passed the state’s new $21.7 billion state budget. Since education is the single largest item in the state budget, here are three things you probably didn’t hear about education spending.

Cut This, Go Home: Certificate of Need Laws

One other issue that should be addressed is North Carolina’s harmful Certificate of Need (CON) law. CON laws essentially force medical providers to ask permission from a state board of bureaucrats before expanding an existing facility, opening a new facility or adding certain types of equipment.

A Spy, Drug Dealers, Cronies, Hemp and the NCGA

Apparently NC lawmakers can act swiftly if they want to legalize hemp, a relative of marijuana, especially when four lobbyists are on the job, and when the son of a political insider stands to benefit.And then there’s the firm linked to a convicted Soviet spy and two former drug dealers that was waiting in the wings for hemp to become legal.

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