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New Study: Oil and Gas Exploration Would be a Huge Win for North Carolina

The benefits of allowing offshore oil and gas production far outweigh the costs in North Carolina and the rest of the Atlantic states.

How Teachers Can Get a $450 Raise

As part of a campaign to inform employees and union workers of their rights, the Civitas Institute will be educating North Carolina teachers and other school employees about how they can give themselves an average $450 a year pay increase by leaving the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE). The…

Civitas Partisan Index - 2012

Modeled after the Cook Partisan Voting Index developed for congressional districts, the Civitas Partisan Index compares the political leanings of voters in each state house and senate district with the partisan voting tendencies of the state as a whole.

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Oct 02

An Evening Event with N.Y. Times Best Selling Author Amity Shlaes

President Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge was a champion for restrained government and foreign policy, stable money, and a balanced federal budget. He believed in keeping all Americans free, independent, and self-reliant; but most of all he wanted them to be able to rise as their abilities permitted. In the example…