Civitas April 2015 Poll Luncheon

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Civitas Partisan Index - 2012

The Civitas Partisan Index has been updated to show the political balance of power in North Carolina as revealed in the 2012 elections. While it does not predict elections, the CPI reveals which counties lean Republican or Democratic, plus illuminating larger trends. Modeled after the Cook Partisan Voting Index that was...

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Civitas Statement to Common Core Study Committee

Below is a transcript of the comments made by Civitas Senior Policy Analyst Bob Luebke to the LRC Common Core Study Committee on March 20, 2014. Good morning to members of the General Assembly and guests.  My name is Bob Luebke. I am a Senior Policy Analyst with Civitas Institute and...

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NC Population Estimates Tell Different Stories for NC LEAs

NC Population Estimates Tell Different Stories for NC LEAs

Over the last few years there have been many comments about overcrowded K-12 classrooms and understaffed schools. Often observers tie these problems to North Carolina's growing population in ways that suggest the need for more funding for public schools.

But Wait There's More!  Event Center to Cost Extra $4.8 Million!

But Wait There's More! Event Center to Cost Extra $4.8 Million!

With a City Councilman who is a race baiter and a “Witness Wednesday” arrestee, another councilman who voted to give money to an organization of which he is a board member, and plenty of other questions about whether an event center would be a good investment, why should we trust the Rocky Mount City Council? But...

Election Reforms Reveal Vote Fraud Teacher Pay: A Problem Money Can't Fix Legislative Follow Up to Questions about Prisoner Health Care


August 2013 Unaffiliated Voters Poll

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Civitas Poll Luncheon - April 2014

Our polling examines voter opinion on the most significant and current issues such as government spending, state debt, health care, energy, social policy, election reform, and much more. Additionally, we measure approval ratings for national and state leaders, allowing attendees to gauge voter sentiment on elected officials. This month's guest commentator...