The Education Budget: Three Things You Should Know

Those who watch state government have had plenty to talk about since the General Assembly passed the state’s new $21.7 billion state budget. Since education is the single largest item in the state budget, here are three things you probably didn’t hear about education spending.

Cut This, Go Home: Certificate of Need Laws

One other issue that should be addressed is North Carolina’s harmful Certificate of Need (CON) law. CON laws essentially force medical providers to ask permission from a state board of bureaucrats before expanding an existing facility, opening a new facility or adding certain types of equipment.

State Budget Includes Positive Reforms, But Still Has Plenty of Fat to Trim

The 2015 budget includes far too many items that Civitas has highlighted as wasteful and outside the scope of core government services. And some are just blatant examples of legislators bringing home “the bacon” to their home districts – using state tax dollars.

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