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TOP 5 IN ‘15

Policies the NC General Assembly should address this session Today marks the opening day for the 2015 "long session" for the North Carolina General Assembly. Legislators will confront many pressing issues, foremost among them will be crafting the FY 2015-17 biennial budget. Following is a list of priorities the Civitas…

Waste of the Week: Taxpayer Funds to Benefit Rev. William Barber

A Goldsboro-based organization headed by the Rev. William Barber this year received nearly $350,000 of your tax dollars. Yes, that William Barber – the ringleader of highly partisan political protests against the General Assembly the past few years. The protests were dubbed “Money Mondays” by the Civitas Institute after research…

Why Medicaid Expansion Won't Boost Jobs

Last week, yet another study claiming that expanding Medicaid in North Carolina will create tens of thousands of jobs was released and dutifully reported by the media. The findings of such studies, however, are based upon a fatally flawed assumption that Medicaid coverage equates to access to medical care. The…

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Jan 29

Huckabee Town Hall

Please fill out the information below to be added to the wait-list. Should seats become available you will be contacted by email on a first come first serve basis.

Jan 29

Huckabee Town Hall WAIT LIST

WAITLIST ONLY The Civitas Institute is excited to announce a special Town Hall event with Gov. Mike Huckabee! Gov. Huckabee will be joining us in Charlotte on January 29, 2015 for a special Town Hall event. VIP tickets for this event are almost gone, so get yours today! We have…