forced busing

The NC legislature is considering the Energy Ratepayers Protection Act (HB 681). The bill would end the government mandate forcing residents and businesses to purchase more expensive sources of energy, which drives up your utility bill and discourages job creation. Sign this petition and contact the below legislators to encourage…

Bad Bill of the Week: Statewide Forced Busing

Five years ago, in response to a groundswell of parental complaints, Wake County schools finally ended its long-running policy of forced busing. Wake had long been one of a few remaining holdouts still clinging to this failed experiment that disrupted so many lives. But Rep. Suzi Hamilton (D-New Hanover), would…

SPECIAL REPORT, PART II: Are Solar Lobbyists Trying to Hide Their Money Trail?

In part two of this article we look at how the organizations pushing this particular agenda in North Carolina, namely “Big Solar”, are using a Political Action Committee (PAC) to further its agenda. Our investigation suggests that solar lobbyists have been trying to conceal what was really going on.

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May 14

May Poll Lunch

The Civitas Institute is proudly celebrating 10 years of polling! For this special occasion, we have conducted a poll that reflects the very first one Civitas completed in May 2005, and we will reveal those results on May 14th. Join us to see how the issues compare to 10 years…

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