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NC Spends $150K per High School Diploma. Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth?

How much of your money is spent to educate one high school graduate in North Carolina? $50,000? $75,000? Our new analysis shows that North Carolina taxpayers spend about $150,000 for each student who receives a high school diploma. That amount doesn't even include capital costs and other major expenses.

Waste of the Week: Tryon Palace

Tryon Palace is a collection of historic buildings and museums that offer visitors a glimpse into North Carolina’s past. The site’s stated mission is to “engage present and future generations in the history of North Carolina from early settlement and development of statehood through the mid-twentieth century by collecting, interpreting…

Civitas Partisan Index - 2012

Modeled after the Cook Partisan Voting Index developed for congressional districts, the Civitas Partisan Index compares the political leanings of voters in each state house and senate district with the partisan voting tendencies of the state as a whole.

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Oct 30

October Poll Presentation

When: Thursday, October 30th Time: 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Where: Marriott Crabtree Price: $10 members, $15 at the door Member price is $10. Not a member? Sign up here. This month Our guest commentator will be: Assistant Secretary of Employment Security Dale Folwell Dale Folwell was appointed as the Assistant Secretary…

Nov 03

Election Eve Preview

Please join us for a special event! Election Eve Preview 2014: What will happen and why it matters? Civitas’ Election Eve Preview is back! Will the third time be a charm for Clay Aiken? Or will he be a 3-time runner-up? Will Thom Tillis have a new mailing address in…