NC Public Policy Series

The purpose of the Civitas Institute Public Policy Series is to equip the legislator, as well as the layman, with the tools necessary to understand public policy in North Carolina. The Civitas Institute is proud to present newly updated policy guides in a new searchable and more user-friendly format. The budget, education and transportation guides have been updated through the 2012 legislative session, while the health care guide continues to provide a thorough 25-year history of North Carolina health care policy.

Toward this end, each guide does three things: defines basic terms, answers essential questions, and provides a legislative and political history regarding a particular policy area. Thus each guide consists of three distinct sections – Key Terms, Q&A, and a year-by-year Timeline – that can be used to easily find specific information on a particular issue or time period. Detailed charts and graphs provide additional data for those readers interested in learning more about select topics. Overall, the guides provide a roadmap for the citizen legislator – and perhaps more important, the average citizen – interested in learning more about essential policy ideas and long-term trends.

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