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Civitas Poll: Mecklenburg Voters Want Revaluation within 2 Years

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July 12, 2012
CONTACT: Jim Tynen (919) 834-2099

Raleigh, N.C. – A Civitas Flash Poll of registered Mecklenburg County voters indicates they are fed up with spending and a majority wants a new property revaluation conducted within two years.

Fifty-one percent of those taking part in the Civitas Flash Poll said the revaluation should take place as soon as two years from now. Thirty-nine percent said it should take place at the next scheduled reevaluation in eight years.

“The last one turned out bad for some unlucky homeowners, and apparently voters seem to understand there was a problem,” said Civitas President Francis X. De Luca. “There seems to be a general recognition that the first reevaluation process was flawed and there is a need for what amounts to a rapid ‘do-over.’”

The poll also showed that more than seven out of ten city of Charlotte voters surveyed applauded the Charlotte City Council’s rejection of a $926 million capital plan. Every single demographic group analyzed was soundly opposed to the nearly $1 billion in spending. Even self-identified liberals rejected the proposal by a 57 to 37 percent margin.

“In this troubled economy, there is no constituency – none – for expensive government projects,” Civitas President Francis De Luca said. “If Charlotte and Mecklenburg politicians want the public’s support, they need to forget about spending more, and focus instead on cutting taxes.”

For more information on Civitas polling, see http://www.nccivitas.org/category/poll/.

Full text of questions:

The Mecklenburg County Commissioners have agreed to an independent review of the 2011 property revaluation process. Should a new revaluation take place … as soon as two years from now? Or not until the next scheduled revaluation in 8 years?

51% 2 Years From Now
39% In 8 Years
10% Not Sure


The Charlotte City Council recently voted down a proposed $926 million capital spending plan which would have required an 8% property tax increase. Was the city council right to vote down the spending plan? Or should the city council have voted to approve the spending plan?

72% Right To Vote Down
18% Should Have Voted To Approve
10% Not Sure


For crosstabs, click here.

About the Poll:

600 Mecklenburg County, North Carolina registered voters were interviewed by SurveyUSA 07/06/12 through 07/08/12, exclusively for the JW Pope Civitas Institute of Raleigh. Of them, 492 were identified as registered voters from the city of Charlotte. The margin of error was +/- 4 percent.

More information on the Civitas Institute is available at www.nccivitas.org, or contact Jim Tynen at (919) 834-2099.

About Jim Tynen

Communications director at Civitas.
This article was posted in Press Releases by Jim Tynen on July 12, 2012 at 10:07 AM.

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