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Author: Alex Rector


Why We Should Eliminate the Minimum Wage

The growth of teenage unemployment has ominous implications for the future — but there is a solution, if we are willing to face economic reality. According to a host of sources, joblessness among young people is growing. For example, the Christian Science Monitor said that the unemployment rate for African-Americans…


Another Look at Voter Photo ID Myths and F.A.Q.’s

Voter photo ID (House Bill 351) has been dead in the water since Gov. Perdue cut it down with her veto pen last June. Speculation looms that if Republican Candidate Pat McCrory wins the governorship this November, HB 351 would have a sure shot at being passed without fear of…


HB 1010: Spending Money Like it’s Free

As North Carolina continues to struggle with one of the worst unemployment rates in the country, many families are finding ways to trim their household budget. But how many of you would think that adding an expensive cable channel that nobody watches would count as tightening your budget? Representative Ray…