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Author: Angela Hight


NC Supreme Court Hears Racial Justice Act Cases and Now We wait Again

North Carolina’s Supreme Court justices heard two oral arguments several weeks ago about two separate Racial Justice Act cases. Lawyers representing four death-row inmates whose sentences were converted to life without a possibility for parole argued that statistics from a Michigan State University Study show that racial bias infected the…


But Wait There’s More! Event Center to Cost Extra $4.8 Million!

With a City Councilman who is a race baiter and a “Witness Wednesday” arrestee, another councilman who voted to give money to an organization of which he is a board member, and plenty of other questions about whether an event center would be a good investment, why should we trust…


Legislative Follow Up to Questions about Prisoner Health Care

There are many questions that are asked in legislative meetings and many times the staff notes that they will have to follow up with those questions at a later meeting. Some of these questions were answered at the March Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Justice and Public Safety meeting. At…


Cooper Should Practice What He Preaches

According to WRAL, Attorney General Roy Cooper is pressing Gov. Pat McCrory to roll back “special service charges” imposed on certain requests for public records. Maybe he should first pressure his own office to do so. Under the policy, such charges are incurred “for any requests that require agency personnel…

Crossover Bills Still in Play

Crossover Bills Still in Play

On Wednesday, May 14, the North Carolina General Assembly will reconvene at noon for what is called the “short session.” One thing that people may not realize about the short session is there are crossover bills that will be eligible to be considered. According to the General Assembly Website crossover…

Updates to Prisoner Weekend Release Program

Updates to Prisoner Weekend Release Program

Imagine someone has killed your loved one, and despite the court telling you that the killer’s sentence is 12 years, you suddenly find out that the murderer is able to go home on weekends only nine years into the sentence. That nightmare is a reality for one family in North…


Where Do You Want To Be: A Coffin, Prison, Or In The Community?

"Where do you want to be -- a prison, a coffin, or in the community?" That is the question posed to 18 convicted felons last week in the Rockingham County Agricultural Center.


Teen Courts Help NC Youths

One question confronting North Carolina’s criminal justice system more and more is: What should we do for a 16-or-17-year-old who genuinely makes a mistake, learned a lesson and most likely will never make that mistake again?  This year the “Raise the Age” bill (HB 725) was written to take care…


Does NC give Unemployment Benefits to Prisoners?

Incarcerated prisoners are not entitled to unemployment benefits because they obviously do not meet the condition of being able, available, and actively looking for work. Unemployment benefits are meant to act as a temporary safety net for employees who are out of work through no fault of their own —…


A Day in the Life of a Juvenile Court

A day in the life of a juvenile court … what does it really look like? Is it all about the crazy kids that television dramas portray?

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